Author: Tami Carswell

Tami Love Carswell is a member of Team Jackson's women's MMA and an instructor and "Team Bang" fighter manager at Tallahassee Combat Sports. Originally from California, Tami started training Boxing at King's boxing gym in Oakland alongside tough professional boxers like Andre Ward. After falling in love with boxing she became a Certified USA Amateur Boxing Coach and Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer so she could share "The Sweet Science" with her students. Tami has had the opportunity to train with 8-time world champion and now boxing trainer Ann Wolfe in Austin Texas. While managing a mixed martial arts gym and boxing program in Tallahassee, Tami was inspired to train as an MMA fighter. As a part of Team Jackson's women's MMA, she is doing what it takes to make a name for herself and all women in the sport. The goal is to use her "dogged determination" to make a big impact in women's MMA now and down the road She is a sponsored fighter and spokeswoman for Boom Superfoods. In the partnership with Boom Superfoods she hopes to influence others to feed their inner warrior in mind, body, and spirit. When Tami is not training. she is managing other fight careers, interviewing other professional mixed martial artists, and sharing her enthusiasm for pugilism by covering fights. Tami can be reached at [email protected].