“Jackson’s MMA series 1” results and play-by-play

Julie Kedzie wins! - Photo by Tami Carswell / ProMMAnow.com

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Greg Jackson, the coach and trainer of such well-known UFC fighters as Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, and Jon Jones, held his first “Jackson’s MMA Series” event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Saturday night in Albuquerque.

There were two women’s fights on the card as Natasha Creger defeated Jennifer Berg by arm bar in the second round and Jackson’s golden girl Julie Kedzie defeated Malissa Sherwood by unanimous decision.

In addition to the women’s attractions there were eight other professional and amateur MMA fights. ProMMAnow.com‘s Tami Carswell was on the scene to bring back the results and play-by-play commentary.

Quick Results:

  • Natasha Creger def. Jennifer Berg by submission (arm bar) Rd 2 (3:27)
  • Matt Leyva def. Doug Moore by TKO Rd 2 (1:26)
  • Julie Kedzie def. Malissa Sherwood by unanimous decision
  • Nate Patterson def. Ryan Webb by unanimous decision
  • Tim Dennison def. Bruce Reef by submission (triangle) Rd 2
  • Angelo Grinzivs def. Adrian Cruz by unanimous decision
  • Nick Urso def. James Soderquist by unanimous decision
  • Hunter Tucker def. David Romero by unanimous decision
  • Ryan Gomez def. Jeff Soderquist by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 2
  • Jodi McCallon def. Aaron Finch by TKO Rd 2 (1:30)



Jennifer Berg vs Natasha Creger

Round 1 -Natasha comes out with heavy fast flurry.  Both women scramble around.  Natasha gets her in a clinch and lands knees to the body.  Jennifer turns it and gets her into the cage.  Jennifer goes for a trip and Natasha lands two hooks.  Jennifer lands one too.  Natasha throws two elbows.  Natasha gets the clinch again and tries to knee the face.  Jennifer works to break it.  Natasha holds a guillotine and they go to the ground.  Jennifer pulls it out and postures up.  She lands a few punches. Natasha lands an elbow.  Natasha tries to catch Jennifer in a triangle.  Jennifer gets her arms out and comes straight down on Natasha.  Jennifer works into side mount.  Natasha works to get up and Jennifer puts pressure on her and gets to mount.  Natasha bucks out of it.  Natasha gets up and Jennifer follows. Natasha tries to trip Jennifer and Jennifer gets Natasha against the cage.  Jennifer lands a straight right and goes in for the takedown.  She gets it and postures up the last ten seconds trying to throw punches on her.

Round 2 – Natasha throws a kick to the thigh.  Jennifer throws a right kick to the inner thigh.  Natasha throws a left kick to the inner thigh.  Natasha lands a one two.  Natasha lands another one two and misses two.  Jennifer has Natasha against the cage. Natasha turns it around while Jennifer throws knees to the body.  Natasha grabs for clinch and throws kness to the face of Jennifer.  Jennifer trips her down and Jennifer postures up stacking her.  Jennifer spins around and Natasha grabs for the arm.  Gets the arm bar.  Jennifer taps out.

Matt Leyva vs Doug Moore

Round 1 – Doug throws a 1 2 combo and then lands a leg kick.  He again lands the same combo.  Matt takes his back working for the takedown.  Matt throws knees to his body and corkscrews him down.  They scramble around.  Doug traps Matt’s arm.  Matt gets out and both get back up.  Matt gets to his back standing and lowers him down.  Matt from the back throws more knees to the leg.  Matt corkscrews him down again.  Doug traps  Matt’s arm again.  Matt circles out.  Matt punches him in the thigh and butt hard.  Doug traps the arm again and Matt turns out of it.  Doug goes in again for it and traps it.  Matt turns out and into side control.  Doug wiggles it out and Doug gets into his guard.  Doug goes in again for the arm.  Matt gets on top breaks guard throws a few punches down and then bounces  elbow off his head.

Round 2 – Doug in again with a leg kick to thigh.  Matt gets underhook and takes him down with it while throwing a punch to his face. Matt takes his back.  Matt is doing damage with punches to the head, elbows to side, and knees to the thigh.  Matt gets the mount and Doug turns his back.  Matt keeps raining down punches and Doug goes out.  Ref stops it.

Julie Kedzie vs Malissa Sherwood

Round 1 – Julie comes out with a hard left hook after Malissa trys to tie her up.  Julie lands a knee in a clinch.  Julie pops back and throws long range straights that land hard.   Again Julie throws straight long range hard flurries that all land.  Julie throws two kicks hard and fast to the leg and then torso.  Malissa turns Julie into the cage.  Julie throws knees to Malissa’s gut.  Julie underhooks Malissa and throws a left hook at the same time. Julie throws a straight left right followed by a right kick to the head.  Julie throws a hard jab cross left hook.  Julie pounces on Malissa with a flurry of punches.  Malissa goes down.  Julie jumps on her back still throwing heavy punches.  Julie lands hammer punches to side of Malissa’s head.  Julie rolls her over while still on her back.  Julie starts working the choke and holds her in a body triangle. Julie works the choke throwing body punches to sink it further.  Bell.

Round 2 – Julie throws a right kick to Malissa’s thigh.  Julie circles around and Malissa can not land anything.  Julie lands more long range straight punches.  Julie kicks to Malissa’s thigh.  Malissa throws a roundhouse to Julie’s body and misses spinning around.  Julie bombs her with an uppercut.  Malissa tries to takedown. Malissa turns it around leaning on her into the cage.  Julie spins out and throws knees to her thigh.  Julie takes her back after she trips her down. Julie throws heavy punches down on her.     She throws punches to head her then stands up and kicks her   while she is still down into her side. Malissa stands and Julie throws more flurries followed by a hard kick to the thigh twice that drops her again.  Julie lands a heavy punch to her nose while she comes down on her.  Julie lands in side mount. Malissa tries to elbow Julie’s side while Julie works around.  Bell.

Round 3 – Julie throws a left hook right straight.  Malissa goes toward Julie and Julie lands a hard left hook followed by a inside leg kick.  Julie then goes into a flurry followed by a left leg kick to Malissa’s face.  Julie throws a long range 1 2 combo and another 1 2 again.  Julie kicks to her thigh followed by a left uppercut then straight right then another hard flurry.  Julie moves right into a thigh kick, straight right left hook. Then a left hook left head kick that skims Malissa.  Julie throws a double left hook and drops her.  Julie gets to half guard elbows her side passes.  Malissa gets up and Julie throws another flurry and a leg kick that drops Malissa again.  Julie flurries in and Malissa turns.  Julie comes again to flurry then Malissa turns.  Julie keeps going stronger.  Malissa tries to do something about it but is smothered.  Bell.

Ryan Webb vs Nate Patterson

Round 1 – Ryan and Nate dance around throwing kicks and combos.  Both defend well what is coming their way.  Ryan throws a right kick to the head.  Ryan kicks Nate’s leg then throws a knee that misses.  Ryan underhooks Nate and throws knees to his body. Ryan throws a right hook when Nate comes in with an overhand left.  Ryan throws a right kick followed by a straight right.  Ryan throws a right head kick to Nate followed by a right kick to the body that crumbles Nate forward.  Ryan goes for a takedown.  Nate sprawls.  Both get back up.  Ryan lands knees to the head.  Nate misses a right kick to the leg.  Nate lands a right hook then a left hook.  Nate attempts a head kick.  Ryan lands a right kick.  Nate misses another leg kick.  Ryan lands an inner leg kick then kicks to head.  Nate lands a leg kick.  Nate again at the leg and misses.  Ryan lands an overhand and Ryan lands inner leg kick at the same time.  Bell

Round 2 – Ryan goes in with a 1 2 combo and misses.  Nate kicks thigh of Ryan again.  Nate misses a 1 2.   Ryan goes in with a left hook and misses.  Nate misses a jab straight right left hook combo.  Nate lands a straight right and tries to go in with the knee to the face.  Ryan ducks left and lands an overhand right then lands a knee.  He grabs for the clinch and goes in with a knee and then another.  They get out of the clinch.  Ryan kicks Nates knee.  Ryan throws a knee while Nate throws a 4 punch combo at him.  Ryan goes in with a straight right that skims nate.  Nate throws a leg kick.  Ryan lands a body kick to the ribs.  Nate answers with one back that lands a lot harder.  Nate goes for the head kick and Ryan defends it.  Bell

Round 3 – Nate starts first with a leg kick.  Ryan answers with a straight right.  Ryan lands a long range jab cross.  Nate lands two hooks.  Ryan lands a left.  Nate throws a kick at Ryan’s leg. Ryan throws a hard kick to the ribs again.  Nate throws an outside leg.  Ryan lands a hard jab.  Both exchange hard kicks to the thigh.  Ryan kicks Nate’s knee.  Nate lands a right hook and a straight left.  Nate lands a straight right.  Nate lands a straight right.  Ryan kicks him in gut into cage.  Ryan misses swinging wild punches.


Tim Dennson vs Bruce Reef

Round 1 – Bruce starts out with a leg kick and then goes in for the takedown.  Tim pops back up.  Bruce throws leg kick to the head and misses.  Tim goes in to take him down postures up breaks his guard and throws down punches to the head.  Bruce makes it up.  Bruce takes him down.  Tim walks up cage.  Tim ends up getting Bruce down with a corkscrew grab and muscle.  Tim working to pass guard.  Bruce slips out.  Both stand up. Bruce takes Tim down.  Bell rings.

Round 2 – Tim gets inside with jabs.  Tim holds Bruce with an overhook and hits with hooks to body and head. Tim corkscrews him down.  Tim land in Bruce’s guard throwing strikes to the face.  Tim passes to side mount and works for crucifix.  Bruce switches it and gets on top.  Tim holds him tight so he can not posture.  Tim sets in a triangle and Bruce taps.

Angelo Crinzi vs Adrian Cruz

Round 1 – Adrian throws a 1,2 and Angelo takes him down.  Both fighters spin around.  Angelo works back up.  Both pop up.  Adrian throws wild hooks and misses.  Angelo takes Adrian down.  Angelo holds a whizzer and works it to try to take his back.  Adrian goes for a high mount and Angelo slips out back door. Angelo puts his hands on Adrian’s shoulder and attempts to posture.  Adrian goes for an arm bar.  It is really not there.  Angelo spins to the back then to guard then to posture again.  Bell rings.

Round 2 – Angelo throws an overhand that misses then goes for the takedown.  He lands in side control.  Adrian works to sweep him with a scissor.  Angelo postures up and throws left punches to head.  Angelo postures.  Adrian works for arm bar.  Angelo gets locked up with it.  Angelo works out of it and gets back into guard.  He attempts to pass guard.

Round 3 – Adrian throws jabs and misses.  Angelo goes to takedown with a single leg.  Angelo throws punches to body and throws punches to side of head.  He gets into half guard, pulls his head down, holds it down with his forearm to the neck.  He throws punches to the head.  One lands hard and Adrian gives up his back.  Angelo gets hooks in.  Angelo goes for the choke.  Adrian gets out flips around and goes for choke on the other side.

Nick Urso vs James De Herrera

Round 1 – Nick goes in with heavy handed hooks.  Fighters scramble around cage.  Nick gets under hooks and throws James across ring.  James goes for a takedown.  Nick throws punches to side of head.  James in again and does take him down.  Nick attempts arm bar.  James  gets out.  Nick works out and into side control.  Nick works to posture and takes mount.  Punches side of head and James trys to get out.  James does and pops up.  Bell rings

Round 2 – Nick throws right hook then throws left kick.  Then lands left hook.  Nick lands a straight lead left.  Nick lands a right kick to head to bring James down.  Nick jumps into mount.  James spins out and gets up.  Nick pushes him against cage and throws knees to his head and body.  James goes for a takedown and gets it.  Nick throws hard punches up.  Bell rings.

Round 3 – A straight left lands by Nick.  James throws an inner leg kick and Nick checks it.  Nick has James against the cage.  Nick throws knee to thigh.  Nick takes his back and throws punches to side of his head.  Nick turns to stand it back up and gets leg caught on way up.  He gets out and back on James’s back.  Nick  throws to side of James’s head.  Nick throws to body, postures, and lands hard straight punches right before the bell.

Ryan Gomez vs Jeff Soderquist

Round 1 – Jeff throws right leg kick.  He throws it again.  Ryan grabs it and corkscrews him for the takedown.  Ryan gets on his back.  He gets his right hook in and now both hooks in.  Jeff spins out and now Ryan is up against the cage.  Jeff gets into Ryan’s guard and hammers down on Ryan.  Ryan’s guard opens.  Ryan locks his arm and hammers back on his head from the bottom.

Round 2 – Jeff throws a spinning back kick.  Ryan grabs and takes him down.  Ryan gets to side mount and works it to the back.  He flattens him out.  He goes for a rear naked choke and wrenches his head.  Jeff slips out and Ryan goes back in with it.  Jeff taps.

Hunter Tucker vs David Romero

Round 1 – David goes in for big takedown.  Hunter works up the cage to get back up.  David grabs for the leg to take him back down. Hunter gets out and pushes David against the cage.  Hunter throws knees to thighs.  Hunter throws knee to head.  Both back off the cage.  David goes for takedown and Hunter sprawls.  Hunter gets david’s back and flattens him out.  Hunter throws a few punches.  Hunter keeps him flat throwing more punches.  Hunter grabs for neck. Bell.

Round 2 – The fighters dance around each other feeling each other out.  Hunter throws an overhand right and David takes him down  David switches to get on top. Hunter gets to back and gets one hook in and stays on his back.  He throws punches to side of head.  Hunter gets other hook in and throws punches down on David.  David gets up with hunter on his back.  David goes back to his knees.  Hunter holds a body triangle and throws punches to the body.

Round 3 – David goes in with a straight right followed by outside right thigh.  From the kick he lands a straight left and then in for the takedown.  Hunter is up against the cage and walks back up while punching down on David.  David works for takedown and gets Hunter on his butt.  Hunter throws punches down on him and David losses control.  Hunter works back up the cage and both pop up.  Hunter throws a knee to the head but David comes under it to attempt a takedown. Bells rings.

Jodi Mc Callon vs TJ Sacrborough

Round 1 – TJ slips and Jodi grabs the guillotine.  TJ works to take Jodi down against the cage.  Jodi muscle’s it around and sprawls out.  Jodi puts his weight on him while he throws punches to the body.  While holding the head down Jodi spins to TJ’s back.  Jodi bangs on the side of his head and throws an elbow to his side.  Jodi spins to his back and throws punches to side of his head. He throws to the body and back to head.  He works arms in to go for choke.  Ref stands up for back of head punch warning.   TJ tries to take down Jodi sprawls. Bell.

Round 2 – TJ goes for takedown Jodi sprawls.  Jodi throws knees to butt and to thigh.  Jodi works him down. Jodi throws punches to head and takes back.  Jodi throws punches to head and body.  Jodi gets hooks in and throws punches to head.  Jodi gets under arms.  Jodi takes his legs out.  Flattening him out and hits to side of head until stopped by ref.

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