HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – 135 lb. Mitchell Chamale (2-0), fighting out of Tallahassee Combat Sports, will go up against American Top Team’s Brian Eckstein (4-0-1) at Bellator 21 on Thursday, June 10, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollyood, Fla.

Bellator’s matchmaker approached Chamale after his last pro fight in Tallahassee. “He said he really liked the way I fought and wanted to give me a shot if I wanted it,” Chamale said. “I jumped to the opportunity.”

When asked about his goals in MMA Chamale replied, “This has been a major goal of mine. To get on a big card and one that is televised. Now I need to sit down after this fight and come up with some new goals to start working towards. Regardless, I will be fighting again in Tallahassee, Fla., on August 28th.”

In addition to fighting and training, Chamale recently graduated from FSU and is now prepping for his LSAT. He plans on going to law school in addition to his fight career.

Chamale is also currently doing an internship with MMA Authority Magazine. He was an English major at FSU and has plans to do some freelance writing for the sport that he loves.

Chamale’s coaches have been training him 2-3 times a day everyday. Joey Burtoft, Tallahassee Combat Sports gym owner and trainer spoke about Chamale’s game plan for the fight. “We do not need to worry about what the other guy is going to do but what Mitchell is going to do,” explained Burtoft.

Chamale has also been working hard with Team leader Josh Samman, Conditioning Coach Eric Johnson, and Gracie Barra’s Professor Roberto Cuartero.

When asked about what the future holds for Chamale, Joey Burtoft said, “We are going to go out there first to win this fight. We are perceived as the underdog because he is fighting someone from American Top Team, and we are a newer up and coming school. We are prepared for that. Mitchell works hard and we have what it takes to go up against an opponent like this. We would like to see him in the 135 tournament for Bellator. But whatever really comes to us that looks good for Mitchell, he will step up to it. He has had tough fights before and he stepped up to them. The team here is ready to support him with whatever he wants to do.”

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