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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Bellator Fighting Championships presents “Bellator 21” tonight live from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla. is on the scene to report all the play-by-play action.

The card is headlined by season two’s lightweight tournament final between Pat Curran (11-3) and last year’s consensus “submission of the year” winner Toby Imada (25-13).

Also on the card is the woman considered by many to be the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Megumi Fuji, who is undefeated at 19-0. Fuji is taking on the much less experienced 4-4 Sarah Schneider.

“Bellator 21” airs live on FOX Sports Net tonight beginning at 7:00 p.m. CT. In the meantime, be sure to check out our extensive “Bellator 21” weigh-ins photo gallery.

“Bellator 21” Quick Results:

  • Pat Curran def. Toby Imada by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Megumi Fujii def. Sarah Schneider by TKO (punches) Rd. 3 (1:58)
  • Michael Hayes def. Steven Banks by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Eric Luke vs. Zach Makovsky
  • Jose Figueroa vs. Luis Palomino
  • Sabah Homasi vs. Frank Carillo
  • Moyses Gabin def. Chris Boffil by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (4:41)
  • Brian Eckstein def. Mitchell Chamale by unanimous decision

“Bellator 21” Play-by-play:

Mitchell Chamale vs. Brian Eckstein

Round 1 – Starts out with a nice flurry trade. Brians goes in and grabs for clinch. Mitchell gets out. They trade punches again. Mitchell takes Brian down. Brain lands in Mitchell’s guard. Brian puts pressure on Mitchell throws punches. Mitchell turns and Brian takes his back. Mitchell turtles up. Brian rolls him over. Mitchell defends his neck. Mitchell turns to his side then to the other side. Brian throws knees to Mitchell’s side. Brian throws a punch to the back of the head. Bell

Round 2 – Mitchell lands a jab followed by a leg kick. Brian grabs the kick and Mitchell falls. Mitchell kicks up and lands in Brian’s face twice then Brian comes down into Mitchell’s guard. Mitchell turns it around. They stand up Mitchell throws to the head. Mitchell tries for a superman punch and misses. Mitchell lands a head kick and Brian returns with a hard right. Mitchell throws right leg kick and ref calls it low. Brain lands a right hook Mitchell throws an overhand right that lands hard. Mitchell gets Brian against the cage. Both pop back towards the middle of the ring. Mitchell throws a leg kick and brian grabs it. They go down. Mitchell throws elbows to Brian’s forehead. Mitchell tries for arm bar. Bell

Round 3 – Mitchell pushes Brian back with a front kick followed by a leg kick. Brian throws a hard 1 2. Mitchell goes down from it. Brian ends up in Mitchell’s guard. Mitchell kick up from bottom. Ref stands them up. Mitchell goes for the takedown and Mitchell brings them both down into Mitchells guard. They both get back up and Mitchell lands a straight right. Mitchell gets a takedown. Brian attempts a triangle but it is not there. Mitchell postures up Mitchell lands a right followed by two elbows. Mitchell stacks brian. The ref stands them up. Mitchell lands a head kick. and then a side kick to ribs. Mitchell goes for the takedown. Brian gets Mitchell into his guard. Brain stands and Mitchell goes for a last minute knee bar. Bell

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Eckstein def. Mitchell Chamale by unanimous decision

Chris Boffil vs. Moyses Gabin

Round 1 – Chris throws a leg kick and Moyses dances around him. Moyses throws one right back a lot harder and dances around some more. Moyses throws another kick and then in for the take down. Chris grabs for the Guillotine but Myses gets up and out while Chris throws a knee. Chris comes in for a takedown and Moyses grabs his own guillotine. Chris gets out and into Myses’s guard. Chris grabs for a Guillotine this time tighter. Moyses works out and takes him straight back and down. Moyses gets into the mount and throws down hard punches. Chris gives up the back and and Moyses takes the rear naked choke. Chris taps

OFFICIAL RESULT: Moyses Gabin def. Chris Boffil by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (4:41)

Sabah Homasi vs. Frank Carillo

Round 1 –


Jose Figueroa vs. Luis Palomino

Round 1 –


Eric Luke vs. Zach Makovsky

Round 1 –


Steven Banks vs. Mike Hayes

Notes: They said Steve Banks had to cut weight to make heavyweight. Hayes looks incredibly intense.

Round 1 – Banks is over 30 lbs. heavier. Inside leg kick by Banks. Outside leg kick by Hayes. They clinch, let go, and square up again. Hayes throws a punch that misses. Banks keeps kicking at the knee of Hayes. Banks misses with a head kick. Banks was a cheerleader in college. Leg kick by Banks, then clinches. Banks can do the full splits he says. Dirty boxing and knee strikes from the clinch. They separate. Overhand right by Hayes misses. Leg kick by Banks scores. Hayes catches a kick, lets it go. Inside leg kick from Banks scores. Hayes lands a body shot, then clinches. I give the round to Banks 10-9.

Round 2 – Hayes can not seem to find his range. Hayes grabs the Thai clinch and throws a couple of knees to the body, mostly blocked. Dirty boxing from both guys. Banks lands a nice inside low kick.Hayes going for the takedown but can’t get it. Big inside leg kick scores for Banks. Banks is tired. Hayes lands some body punches. Banks grabs Hayes, tries to go for the trip.  Hayes fires back, lands some big punches. Banks is fatigued, puts his hands on his hips. Hayes gets the takedown and ends up inside Banks’ full guard. Hayes moves to side control, traps and arm, gets full mount as the bell sounds. Hayes gets round two 10-9.

Round 3 -Beautiful head kick by Banks smacks Hayes’ head. Hayes is okay though and fires back. He lands a big right that snaps Banks’ head back. Banks is tires, puts his hands on his hips. Playing the clinch game now. Hayes pushing Banks up against the cage. Knee to the body and uppercut by Banks. They trade punches and Hayes gets the better of the trade, landing several shots. Banks lands a right, then a leg kick. Hayes grabs a single and turns the corner, puts him on his back. Hayes is in Bank’s full guard with less than a minute to go. Big right to the chin by Hayes from inside the guard. Hayes lands shots to the body, he postures up, moves to half guard at the sound of the bell. Hayes gets that round 10-9 and the fight 29-28 as I see it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Hayes def. Steven Banks by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Megumi Fujii vs. Sarah Schneider

Round 1 – Fuji looking light on her feet, chasing Schneider. Schneider catcher Fujii’s kick and throws her off. Catches another kick and pops Fujii in the face. Fujii clinches and gets the take down, lands in a tight full guard. Schneider locks on a body triangle from the bottom. Schneider tying her up by holding on. Fujii picks her up and slams her. They are back up, spinning backfist by Schneider, Fujii shoots underneath and gets the takedown with ease. Fujii steps over into full mount. Schneider achieves full guard. Less than a minute in the round, Schneider is cut on the bridge of the nose. Nice body shot from  Fujii. They are back on the feet before the bell sounds. Fujii gets the round 10-9 easily.

Round 2 – Fuji looking for the takedown. Schneider jumps guard, tries to take her back. Schneider working the rubber guard. Ref stands them up after a stale mate. Fujii lands a big right hand and gets the takedown, back in Schneider’s guard. Ref stands them up again. Schneider’s face is busted up. Fujii lands a nice body kick. Spinning back fist by Schneider misses and Fujii gets the takedown again. Fujii in Schneider’s guard, back to a stale mate it ssems. I give that round to Fujii 10-9 easily.

Round 3 – Schneider scores with a nice right, throws a kick, Fujii catches it and puts her right on her back. Fujii gets side control, then moves to full mount. She is so technically advanced. Fujii laying on the ground and pound from full mount. Ref looking closely and stops it. Fujii gets her first TKO victory. Schneider doesn’t like the stoppage but she was not intelligently defending herself.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Megumi Fujii def. Sarah Schneider by TKO (punches) Rd. 3 (1:58)

Pat Curran vs. Toby Imada

Notes: Bellator Season Two Lightweight Tournament Finals. The winner will face Eddie Alvarez for the Bellator Lightweight Title. Imada faced Alvarez in the finals of season one but lost. He wants another shot. Winner also gets $100,000.

Round 1 – Leg kick inside for Curran. Another leg kick by Curran partially lands. Another one, but eats an right for his troubles. Leg kick by Imada. They clinch, knees to the thighs by Imada. curran trying to block the knees. Imada gets a nice trip but Cuttan jumps right up, still clinched. Curran bounced right up, very nice. Imada back to the thigh punishment. 2:00 left in the round. Curran fires back with knees. Still clinched, still using knees and some dirty boxing. Imada looks for the trip. Curran lands a nice left hook. Imada walking him down. They swing as the bell sounds. Very close round. I’ll give the round to Curran 10-9, just barely.

Round 2 – Nice one, two from Curran. Curaan slips briefly. Curran with a leg kick. Imada with a leg kick. Imada goes for a takedown but can’t get the trip. Leg kick Imada. Imada gets the takedown but Curran pops right back up again. Back to the clinch game against the cage. Imada working those knees on the thighs again. They squre up again with about a minute left in the round. Nice leg kick from Curran, and again. Ref calls time to put Curran’s mouthpiece back in after rinsing it. Big leg kick by Curran. Superman punch by Curran but he eats a couple of punches for his trouble. I give that round to Imada 10-9.

Round 3 – I have it one round each, announcers have it two rounds for Imada. Big right hand makes the sweat fly off Curran’s head. Curran fires back and lands a big punch. Imada has a cut over his right eye and a big mouse under the eye. That was a very big shot for Curran. Imada goes for the takedown but Curran reverses and throws Imada to the ground. They get up and start trading again. Leg kick from Imada scores. Imada swings with a nice combination but misses. Only 1:30 left in the round. Nice left by Imada. Imada grabs a headlock and throws Curran to the mat. Curran gets up though and goes for his own takedown but can’t get it. I give the round 10-9 to Imada and the fight 29-28 to Toby Imada.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Pat Curran def. Toby Imada by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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