Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison: ‘Judo, I love you but I’m breaking up with you’

Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison explains how she had enough of being disrespected by USA Judo and provides a scathing speech to USA Judo and its attendees at a fundraising dinner on the weekend of the National Judo Championships. Kayla Harrison – Olympic & World Champion said, “Judo, I love you but I’m breaking … Read more

Kayla Harrison: The Best Female Grappler On The Planet

It is without question that Kayla Harrison is one of the best female grapplers on the planet. The question is, “Is Kayla Harrison The Best Female Grappler On The Planet?” There are many who will make the argument that, as a 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, she most certainly is.  There are many grappling sports that … Read more

Conor McGregor Is The ‘Floyd Mayweather’ Of MMA

I was of the opinion that it was and is a mistake when the UFC started making “superfights” such as champion vs. champion or allowing a division champion to move up in weight and fight in other weight classes. Why? Because it devalues the belt and the pseudo-ranking system that they have.  What happens is … Read more

Post Olympic Stress Disorder: The Real Game After The Olympic Games Are Over

After the Olympic Games, things can get pretty rough.

I’ve seen athletes battle with bouts of depression, alcoholism, eating disorders and a myriad of issue which can all be directly or strongly correlated to the major emotional let down that occurs after the Olympic Games.

If Daniel Cormier Beats Gustafsson, ‘The Mauler’ Might Just Be Done!

Recently Anthony “Rumble” Johnson just beat Alex “The Mauler” Gustafsson.  It seems like the next challenge for Anthony Johnson is Jon Jones and nobody really knows what’s next for Cormier and Gustafsson.  But here’s what we do know….. A Cormier/Gustafsson card is a headliner for sure. And it makes no sense for DC to fight … Read more

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Asks, ‘Will The Real Jon Jones Fans Please Stand Up?’

It has been reported that UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has checked himself into a treatment facility following his fight with Daniel Cormier in UFC 182.  As reported by many news outlets and the UFC, Jon Jones failed a drug test on December 4th for the drug  benzoylecgonine. A quick Google search will inform you … Read more

WSOF 15 – The Brilliance of David Branch

In a weekend of MMA where an “Eye” and took off an “ear”.  Where the “Hunt” was hunted and an interim championship captured.  And the women’s 115 lb champion solidified that she is the best 125lber in the world — I was consumed with someone else. On Saturday night, I left my home in Tampa, Florida … Read more

The 5 Things You Need To Beat Ronda Rousey | And This Is Why She Will Be Undefeated

Since I hear a lot of people talking about Ronda all the time, I thought I’d help you frame your discussion a little bit when you talk about her getting beat. Here’s why its not going to happen and why she’ll retire undefeated. Here are the facts… In order to beat Ronda Rousey you need … Read more