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Recently Anthony “Rumble” Johnson just beat Alex “The Mauler” Gustafsson.  It seems like the next challenge for Anthony Johnson is Jon Jones and nobody really knows what’s next for Cormier and Gustafsson.  But here’s what we do know….. A Cormier/Gustafsson card is a headliner for sure.

And it makes no sense for DC to fight Bader or Phil Davis at this point.  I’m also interested in where Rashad Evans fits into the equation.

But for now….. What do you think?

If DC beats Gustafsson, is it over for “The Mauler”?

3 thoughts on “If Daniel Cormier Beats Gustafsson, ‘The Mauler’ Might Just Be Done!”
  1. Eh…
    Thats not the most embarresing beating that you can take.

    Losing to Jon, or Danial is not a shame.

    Ad Rumble to that trophy.

  2. They should and probably will make Gustafsson/Cormier next…DC smokes him IMO…I’d have Rashad Evans to fight Ryan Bader….since Bader just beat Phil Davis…who had just beat Teixeira(who Evans was supposed to fight in his return bout)..it’s a very winnable fight for Evans as well.

    If DC beat Gustafsson…well…his goal of being champion would certainly be done…at least until Jones went to HW or DC retire(he’s 35)…he would probably beat the lower/middle end of the division though….so I wouldn’t say he would be DONE…but…yea…champ? #forgetaboutit

  3. Those are all good fights!
    The last fights that asshole joe silva is gonna make IMO.

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