mcgregor-mayweatherI was of the opinion that it was and is a mistake when the UFC started making “superfights” such as champion vs. champion or allowing a division champion to move up in weight and fight in other weight classes.


Because it devalues the belt and the pseudo-ranking system that they have.  What happens is that the belt is devalued and the matchups are more important than the belts. Case in point, Floyd Mayweather does not need a belt or title to produce a multi-million dollar gate. He has TRANSCENDED the belts and the ranking systems. So much so that he is, “The Champ” no matter if he has a belt or not.  The UFC has made this error with Conor McGregor and it is impossible to reign him back in now. Conor can and will fight who he wants, when he wants and his ability to produce an outstanding amount of pay-per-view buys allows him to sit in the driver’s seat during these discussions.

Here are Conor’s options:

  1. He can sit down and chill and heal up and fight Nate Diaz…. AGAIN!! AND THE WORLD WILL PAY MORE TO WATCH THAN BEFORE.
  2. He can fight Eddie Alvarez and beat Eddie and THEN, fight Diaz with the title on the line and MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY.
  3. He can go back down to 145 to……… Hell, I don’t even know why I’m writing this part but it is an option for him. But going down to 145 doesn’t do anything for him. Ah…… I got it.  He can go down to 145 and fight a super fight with Dominick Cruz. NOW THAT MAKES SENSE!
  4. He can go fight a gimmick fight with Floyd Mayweather and make about 10 million dollars while Floyd punishes him for 6 to 8 rounds before dropping him.
  5. He can use that accent of his and take some time off and make a movie. And then comeback and peruse one of the other four aforementioned options.

Either way you slice it, Conor is set up to make about a cool $4 million in his next fight.  And he’s damn near to the point where you can sell a pay-per-view WITH JUST HIS FIGHT ON IT. And that is a lot of star power that he’s earned.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Wrestlemania next year. Wait…..

Let me add that option…

6. Conor can heal up. And perform in Wrestlemania next year and increase his star power to the point where he can ask for a 4.5 to 5 million pay day.  That’s also an option.

With that being said, I truly think that the UFC has made a grave power issue here and they will make good money with McGregor but he will change the face of the sport, as he has already. As of right now, when it comes to Conor McGregor…… BELTS MEAN NOTHING.


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