kayla harrison thumbnailTwo-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison explains how she had enough of being disrespected by USA Judo and provides a scathing speech to USA Judo and its attendees at a fundraising dinner on the weekend of the National Judo Championships.

Kayla Harrison – Olympic & World Champion said, “Judo, I love you but I’m breaking up with you.” It was also reported that after her speech she left abruptly. This seemed to be the crescendo per a culmination of, what Kayla categorizes, as disrespectful events. The last straw being asked to remove herself from the coaching area during the US Nationals because the double Olympic Gold Medalist didn’t have a coaching credential.

There’s no wonder why Judo struggles in the U.S. Karo Parisyan, Rick Hawn and Ronda Rousey all seem to have left the sport only to return in a partial capacity.

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2004 Judo Olympian and former MMA Strikeforce Fighter, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson addresses USA Judo, the Judo Community and Kayla Harrison’s Departure from USA Judo in this thought provoking and informative post.

Is this the beginning of the end for Judo in the United States?
Your thoughts…….

By Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

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