Former UFC multi division champion Conor McGregor is in desperate need of a win.

McGregor’s mystique began to fade when the Irishman abandoned his featherweight and lightweight championship to go box and lose to Floyd Mayweather and then get submitted by Khabib Nurmagomedov when he returned to the UFC. He would next knock out an aging Donald Cerrone to the surprise of no one which led into the back to back losses to Poirier. He is in a tough spot because his legacy of greatness has already been tarnished and another loss will make him a meme.

No matter how much McGregor wants redemption and revenge against Poirier it doesn’t look like he will have the chance to get it. The Louisiana native has rejected the idea of a fourth go around and seems content to remain up two wins to one. Fighting Conor usually means a big payday for his opponent so Dustin giving that up is surprising. He did however give his opinion on what should be next for his former foe to Mirror.

For me, that door is closed. The only reason I’d do it is for money. I beat him two times in a row. Can I beat my two performances? Can I knock him out quicker? Can I 10-7 him? What can I do? I’ve done it. If I do it again, it’s just for money, right? So that’s a completely different thing…..Justin Gaethje vs the return of Conor McGregor. The hype, the build up, somebody’s going to sleep. I mean, you’re tuning in for a car wreck. A head-on collision and I wanna see it.

McGregor vs Gaethje would make for a big event given the fact that the pair have exchanged heated words in the past. Justin and Conor both have heavy hands and it’s almost a guarantee that one of them would be staring up at the lights. The question is who?