The respect towards martial arts and MMA tournaments changed after the rise of the UFC. No one ever thought that a fight banner would attract fighters from all over the world. After the introduction of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world of MMA would take a complete shift. Not only did it gather fighters, but UFC also got together spectators under the same hood. People from corners of the world gathered and supported their hero.

They showed what kind of work goes on to become a professional MMA fighter. The personal sacrifices every athlete made to be at her/his best on the day of the fight. The UFC showed us what it meant to be a fighter and brought out new respect towards martial art athletes. The most recent battle on the roster is the rematch between former foes Mc Gregor and Dustin Poirier.

Game on!

The first time Poirier faced Mc Gregor was on 27th September in 2014. The fight ended very quickly. At 1 minute 46 seconds of the first round Mc Gregor found the bullseye which saw Poirier plop face down onto the floor. After this win, Mc Gregor then went on to call out the former reigning king of Featherweight, Jose Aldo.

Due to an unexpected injury, the event saw Chad Mendes take up the fight on short notice. Everyone thought the match-up would be difficult for Conor as he prepared for a striker and not a wrestler. Conor silenced the world by defeating Chad in the second round with ease.Shortly after this, it was time for Aldo to face his rival. Conor dropped Aldo in just 14 seconds and became the World Champion. A few fights further, Conor destroyed Eddie Alvarez to become a two-division champion. This saw Conor make a lot of money and even challenge Floyd Mayweather.

Poirier made the needed adjustments and faced the line of fighters face first. Dustin is the kind of athlete who is constantly learning and is super focused. His latest win was against Dan Hooker. This MMA bout was also put up as the fight of the year where Poirier and Hooker showcased their skills until the final bell of the 5th round.

According to experts, the way Poirier fought Holloway was a strategic beauty. Knowing what would be Max’s strengths and how to counter it decided the victory for Poirier that night. Even though both Mc Gregor and Poirier lost to Khabib, Poirier came the closest to win by submission and Conor had gone the greater distance.


What is obvious here are the excellent skills that were put into making this match happen by the UFC. Many opine that there is currently no better fighter in the MMA world to face Conor than Dustin. Conor who has recently put more focus into setting up his empire returns to the octagon to find a former foe waiting for his chance of revenge. Will Conor be able to secure the win, or will Poirier crash Conor’s party? Betway discusses how the tension is high in the spectators as both are intelligent enemies and have proven themselves over and over.

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