I feel like every few months there’s a new Conor McGregor legal issue in play. This time there was a very thorough investigation including the examination of security camera footage and according to McGregor’s reps all of that adds up to innocent. In a case like this security cameras are a godsend.

Reports have been circulating that the Irish mixed martial arts superstar has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Up until now the details of the case have been under wraps but thanks to a report from the NY Times some light has been shed on what’s going on.

There are no official charges being drawn up against Conor, because of the no evidence issue we mentioned above, but there is a lawsuit accusing him of sexually assaulting the woman who filed it.

McGregor is being accused of assaulting and raping her at a Dublin hotel on Dec. 9th in 2018 after she refused him. Before he allegedly raped this woman, McGregor reportedly wrapped his arms tightly around her neck three times to stop her from fighting back. After she allegedly bit and then punched him the Irishman supposedly told her,”That’s how I felt in the octagon, I had to tap myself out three times, that’s how I felt”. She claims after he told her that he proceeded to sexually assault her.

The woman seeks compensation between $1.79 million and $2.13 million for lost earnings, the sale of her Dublin home and purchase of a new home as well as medical expenses according to MMAFighting.

Whenever someone has money the lawsuits start coming. If the Irishman is indeed guilty of this heinous crime it would be unforgivable but as we said before from all accounts the evidence proves this never happened. It’s up to the courts now.

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