If you don’t know the name Scott “Lionheart“ Blevins you haven’t been around mixed martial arts long.

His pro record? Zero wins and 17 losses. But we are not here to talk about potentially the worst fighter in modern mixed martial arts history, no we are not.

We are here to talk about possibly the worst singer in mixed martial arts history.

Scott may have told a few lies about his MMA career which, trust me I will get to shortly and another article with new information we’ve gathered. He has re-branded himself a rock legend named “The bi-polar rock and roller”. I have no problem with doing what you love and what you want but you must surround yourself with people who are going to be supportive, and more importantly honest with you. Scott does not have those.

I don’t usually spend my time listening to things I don’t like but this…this is going to become legendary. It’s a mixture of drunk William Shatner and a confused 90-year-old Dean Martin. I’m going to apologize in advance and tell you that you will probably need alcohol to make it through this video.

Thank you for watching and may God have mercy on your souls.

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