LOL: This little girl in a bike helmet whooping Santa is our new favorite holiday video


LOL Love them or hate them, the good people of Bullshido brought us the best holiday video we’ve seen this year. In it there is what appears to be a semi-trained, mini Ronda Rousey wearing a bike helmet beating up a blow up Santa with extreme prejudice. Maybe she didn’t get the toy or bike … Read more

Pics: McGregor family Christmas is out of control with presents

McGregor, the name is Irish for filthy rich. This Christmas Eve we got a look at what having McGregor money is like. Even the dog got gifts. Geez. From a remote control car to a real car to a living room full of toys. It’s bananas. Conor’s team sent us some Proper Twelve for Christmas … Read more

Cain Velasquez says he got Ngannou a Christmas gift

Cain Velasquez’s name made the media rounds recently when it was announced he was returning in February to face power puncher Francis Ngannou. There’s no such thing as a warm up fight for a former heavyweight champ and it seems Cain doesn’t mind that at all. In fact he seems more than fine with it … Read more