Ever since Dana White and Daniel Cormier repeatedly proclaimed that Khabib Nurmagomedov is the greatest of all time things have gotten crazy.

I think now that the dust has settled from his recent win over Justin Gaethje cooler heads are prevailing. The likely greatest of all time whether people like him or not is still active in the UFC. He just moved up to heavyweight after vacating his light heavyweight championship for tougher challenges and his name is Jon Jones. If you ask Daniel Cormier about whether or not Jones is the true greatest of all time he’s going to say no, and he’s going to say it emphatically. If you are not a regular mixed martial arts fan just know that the bad blood between Jones and Cormier is at a near apocalyptic level. That may be an overstatement but they don’t like each other and one of them is always trying to discredit the other.

Daniel has public platforms like UFC broadcasts and popular podcasts that reaches a large audience so what he says carries weight. In all fairness some of his criticisms of Jon are spot on and Jones doesn’t hesitate to fire back so it’s a two-way street.

Inevitably whenever Jones is brought into a conversation of who is the greatest people start bringing up his drug problems. Noone’s disputing the fact that Jon has had legal trouble and troubles with USADA. Jon tested positive for cocaine metabolites and later performance-enhancing drugs. It’s a long and crazy story but the bottom line is that those failed tests will always hang over his legacy.

Constantly defending himself on social media has become a pastime for Jones. His latest ammunition is the pre-and post USADA records and like it or not he’s on point.

What do you think? Are you among those who think Jon should just stop responding?

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