Scott Lionheart Blevins bizarrely sings Christmas carols. Yep, it’s bad.

If you don’t know the name Scott “Lionheart“ Blevins you haven’t been around mixed martial arts long. His pro record? Zero wins and 17 losses. But we are not here to talk about potentially the worst fighter in modern mixed martial arts history, no we are not. We are here to talk about possibly the … Read more

Moments of WTF: Who wins between these epic fail fighters?

In the land of crappy amateur and pro fighters Scott “Lionheart” Blevins is king. We submit to you someone we also find to be hilariously bad and we ask a question…who would win between Blevins and this man, Wesley “The Real Deal” O’neill. First, we submit to you Mr. O’neill. and his opponent….. This is … Read more