Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington finally gets a shot at the undisputed championship on Saturday at UFC 245.

Champ Kamaru Usman will try to stop the steam roller of takedowns and punches that is Covington. However, there is a lot more at stake when they close the cage door for their main event than just a belt. Colby has been relentless with the trash talking and insults and publicly having the Trump family behind him has to be a lot to shoulder. Usman on the other hand has had to deal with his family seeing a side of him that he isn’t proud of while dealing with Covington’s verbal onslaught. Bragging rights are up there with the championship as an award for either of these men.

At today’s UFC 245 media day, Covington was in the usual form with his over the top persona while addressing the press. Check it out.

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