Gina Carano is a beautiful woman there is no denying it but it was her Muay Thai fights and MMA accomplishments that made us fall in love with her. She pioneered mainstream women’s MMA and even participated in the first major card headlined by women. She would lose that 2009 Strikeforce bout with Cris Cyborg but there was no denying the impact she had.

It was a welcome surprise when she landed the role of Angel in the hugely successful Deadpool movie. With a toothpick in her mouth she kicked all kinds of ass and infamously punched metal skinned mutant Colossus in the steel plated nards. She was amazing in the film to say the least.

Tim Miller directed Deadpool and the mostly positively reviewed but financially underperforming Terminator: Dark Fate. We saw it and it was fine meaning you could watch it and walk out full of popcorn and without buyer’s remorse.

Carano recently shared a photo of herself looking svelte and happy with Miller himself at the premier. It is always nice to see her doing great things after everything she did for MMA.

Smile along with us smiling along with her.

Does she age?

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