Pic: In shape Gina Carano poses for pic with Deadpool director at Dark Fate premier

Gina Carano is a beautiful woman there is no denying it but it was her Muay Thai fights and MMA accomplishments that made us fall in love with her. She pioneered mainstream women’s MMA and even participated in the first major card headlined by women. She would lose that 2009 Strikeforce bout with Cris Cyborg … Read more

Bellator: Kimbo Slice will fight Ken Shamrock on June 20

Yep, you read that correctly. Former street brawler, TUF alum, and UFC veteran Kimbo Slice will finally face Ken Shamrock in the Bellator promotion June 20. The news was announced earlier today by ESPN and the bout will be at heavyweight. The two fighters were supposed to fight in 2008, but Shamrock sustained a cut … Read more

Carano vs. Cyborg finally going to happen

The most anticipated matchup in women’s MMA to date has finally been signed. Strikeforce officially announced Gina “Conviction” Carano, unquestionably the most popular female mixed martial artist and “the face of women’s MMA”, will square off against Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos at an upcoming Strikeforce event slated for August 15th.

The Santos/Carano matchup will take women’s MMA one giant step closer to mainstream acceptance, marking the first time a women’s MMA fight will be featured as a main event for a top-tier and highly televised promotion such as Strikeforce.

Considered by many to be the number 2 female fighter behind Carano, Cristiane Santos (7-1) is the wife of fellow Chute Box Academy and Strikeforce fighter Evangelista Santos, and both share the “Cyborg” nick-name. Cristiane is currently riding a 7 fight win streak with 5 of those wins coming by (T)KO.

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Is Nick Diaz good for MMA?

On April 11, Strikeforce’s main event will feature Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock on Showtime. While Shamrock’s image is that of a fighter dedicated to progressing the sport of MMA, Diaz seems to be the polar opposite. Nick openly admits that he loves the combat of MMA but, as for progressing the image of the sport, or himself, he does not care. Is this type of fighter good for MMA? Or is he detrimental to the image the sport is so desperately trying to keep clean?

Shamrock’s return to the sport, after an already illustrious career through the 90’s, was inspired by the increased popularity of the sport he loves. He has also been instrumental in cleaning the image of the MMA fighter from that of a bloodthirsty thug to that of a highly trained professional athlete.

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Bas Rutten would not train Kimbo Slice again for one million dollars

The only reason Kimbo Slice (3-1) a.k.a. Kevin Ferguson had the small bit of credibility he did was because the legend, El Guapo, vouched for him. Those days are over.

In a new AOL MMA FanHouse interview with Bas Rutten, the subject of Kimbo Slice inevitably came up. Bas said he was finished training Kimbo Slice and even if someone paid him a million dollars, it is not going to happen.

Bas had always seemed very supportive of Kimbo in interviews and had a lot of good things to say about him in the beginning. So where did things go sour? Bas explains,

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EliteXC fighters seek release

It is being reported that the fighters still in contract limbo due to the failure of the sale of EliteXC have joined together with the Mixed Martial Artists Fighters Association and forwarded a draft of complaint to EliteXC officials to have them officially released from the company. They have warned in the complaint that if acknowlegement of their release is not granted within a specefied time frame, they will in turn file the complaint in open court.

The complaint itself was brought about by multiple fighters’ agents banding together with the MMAFA to speed up the release status of their collective clients’ contracts that are still owned by EliteXC.

We will have to wait and see what action, if any, EliteXC will take on this complaint but the agents feel like this will gain their fighters freedom to fight for other companies, as opposed to being stagnant and unable to earn an income while ProElite tries to sell their company.

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