Weidman issues statement after latest KO loss

Someone should probably sit Chris down and keep it real with him.

Weidman suffered his 5th knockout loss in his last 6 fights. His lone win was the submission nod over former welterweight Kelvin Gastelum. Chris was almost knocked out again in the first round of that bout but somehow survived. Even taking all of that in to account it appears that both before and after his knockout loss to Dominick Reyes this past weekend, Weidman believes he was to fight Jon Jones for the title should he have won.

Does that make sense to anyone? 1-5 in his last 6 middleweight fights and one win against Reyes I n the 205 pound weight class would get him in The Octagon challenging for the title? Dude…

Chris issued a statement on his Instagram about the loss and one has to wonder when someone will be real with him and do what Joe Rogan did for Brendan Schaub. Weidman doesn’t seem to get that he isn’t the fighter who beat Maia, Silva, Belfort, and Machida anymore. His chin is cracked and he should probably hang up the gloves. Unfortunately it does not appear that he is going to retire anytime soon.

Check our what he said…

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I just want to let everyone know I’m all good just obviously bummed with the result. I knew Dom was a tough fight and he proved to be more than that with a beautiful timed left hand that put me down in the first. I jumped in with a right hand and the range was off and he capitalized. Sucks for me. As for what is next for me… I’m hearing a lot of “you should retire comments” and I get where you are coming from based on the results of my recent fights. It’s crazy because with a win over Reyes the chances of me fighting for the world championship were very strong. Now to be getting hit with the retirement talk is really a big swing for me to get used to hearing. I will tell you that I am def not ready to retire. I still love this and am very hungry to get back in there. I believe I have the abilities to still be world champion. I know some of you are shaking your head and laughing at me when I say that .. well screw you and thanks for the motivation. This fight I was coming off a year lay-off, 2 major surgeries, and a weight class change. Way too much time out of the gym and I feel like that did play a role in this fight. The fact that I’m healthy right now and can get back in the gym is territory that I’m not used too. I will be back soon and I will look good doing it. Thank you everyone for your support and I’m sorry to let you down. This extreme low in my career will be part of my story and I will finish on top. Thank you to my friends and family and sponsors @monsterenergy @cbdmd.usa @fellowshiphomeloans @medtronic who stand behind me in my high and low moments! Thank you to God for blessing me with all that I have and am so undeserving of. Everyday is a gift and I’m so thankful to be able to experience that gift even when my goals and desires aren’t met.

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Isn’t someone in his camp worried about the head trauma he is taking?