This is just my opinion based on research/personal experiences. I am basing this article on verifiable and more often than not unverifiable information pulled from multiple sources. The purpose of these articles is to bring awareness to potential martial artists by using examples of kung foolery.

Oh man. This is the organization that keeps on giving.

A long time ago Count Dante..Deadliest Man Alive… I should probably give a little back story here or the gravity of this article might not be heavy enough. This ‘society’ is full of debunked masters/grandmasters including but not limited to Frank Dux, Count Dante, and Ashida Kim.

The name ‘Black Dragon Society’ gained some notoriety due to the ‘Count Dante: The Deadliest Man Alive’ ads that appeared in comic books. These ran long before the internet existed and Bullshido could go to work to properly debunk the man. If you want the full story check out this edition of ‘Incredibly Fake True Stories’.

After Dante died in 1975 the pretenders came out in droves. Many and we mean many martial artists looked to capitalize on the opportunity to attach themselves to the Black Dragon name. The organization would be passed down to his protege William Aguiar, Aguiar’s son, and then somehow the website ended up in the hands of Ashida Kim. Yes – THAT Ashida Kim. From what we found in our efforts either Frank Dux, Radford W Davis aka Ashida Kim, or both is now in charge of the legitimacy of its members.


Are you seeing a pattern here? These frauds are all connected.

Why is this noteworthy? It’s because the non-existent IFAA that charlatan Frank Dux says existed now kind of officially exists. On the website in big letters are the initials ‘IFAA’. That organization is the super secret organization that people will get killed for mentioning unless you are Frank Dux. You know the drill.

The reason this is laughable and notable is that more than a few of these men now claim to have fought in the same made up tournament. Every year these men gather somewhere and give demonstrations before speaking about their many accomplishments. Reportedly/allegedly anything a ‘master” says at said gatherings as fact is instantly a “fact’.

Jimmy McMurtrie was the first name I recognized on the list. I met him back in 2003 or 4 as a mixed martial arts promoter who headed up the ‘Kentucky Fighting Challenge’. He was the first to hold MMA events in the state unless someone else held one in a barn or a secret tournament. Oh crap. I probably just gave Dux another idea and tomorrow he will have fought in the first MMA event in every state. The scary part is that he might have already claimed it.

Known as ‘Jimmy Mc’ in the sporting event community he boasts an 80-0 amateur boxing record or so he told me upon our first meeting. The next time we spoke it was 88-0. This means he most likely has the best amateur boxing record of a generation or ever. There is no record of those fights anywhere that we or anyone else we spoke to could find. This is the type of BS we love to hate.

He reportedly then fought in secret tournaments that would allegedly end up morphing right in to Frank Dux’s made up ‘kumite’. Do you see how these frauds are connected and why they allow the others to BS them back?

They are like kindling to a dying fire reigniting a shrinking spark in the hopes of keeping the flames going.

Jimmy Mc also claims some kind of ridiculous and implausible Go No Sen(?) martial arts fighting record of over 250 wins and no losses. The number was like 279 or something. Who cares it’s still 99.9% likely to be BS and cannot be proven.

Here’s what the Black Dragon Fighting Society, via Ashida Kim’s site, perpetuates as his “history”.

He fought in sanctioned Go-No-Sen matches and the underground invitation only matches that were held 10 years later and were called the Kumite. These underground matches had some great fighters like John Keehan and Frank Dux and were brought to light by the movie BloodSport.

Wow…all roads lead back to Frank Dux and fellow fraud Count Dante? Shocking.

Often fighting with no pads and few rules, training in cast-off or rundown facilities until they were exhausted, they established the martial arts in America and set the standard for both Ultimate Fighting Championships and Mixed Martial Arts long before they were made popular.

Read it again and tell me that doesn’t sound like serious BS to you? How many instructors do you know that claim to have fought before records were kept? Me? Alot. Again, no one we asked has any record anywhere of anything like that ever happening let alone Jimmy’s name associated with it.

In 1966 he entered Ed Parker’s Karate tournament in San Francisco. These were points matches where he competed for 3 years. In 1969 he retired from amateur boxing and was tired of points Karate. He spent 20 months in Vietnam coming home in late 1970. By this time he started to compete in pro kick boxing where he was undefeated. His long and continuing dedication, contributions and examples to the martial arts cannot be overlooked or underestimated.

Do you see the insanity of those statements? Can you understand the ridiculousness now? Con men will fight to the death for the right to present falsehoods.

Recapping…Jimmy McMurtie was an undefeated amateur boxer with over 80 fights, he then fought in underground top secret tournaments and went undefeated, and then went to Vietnam only to return and kickbox with another undefeated record? A common trait of charlatans is to be undefeated in everything and when seriously questioned they will say someone misquoted them, or better yet that they had 1 or 2 losses in their careers and maybe a draw or 2. Still…279-1-1? What are people smoking at those top secret underground tournaments.

We wouldn’t expose people like this if we didn’t have to. Jimmy has held seminars and made money off of a mythical career much like Frank Dux, Ashida Kim, and many others that “fought” before the internet existed. Read the entire Black Dragon roster by clicking here.

When you cannot verify an instructor’s credentials or those masters cannot prove definitively that they have been tested we recommend you find another instructor. No one at high levels is undefeated that has competed in combat sports for a moderately long period of time. Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, and Jon Jones stand out. Jon Jones has a BS loss but it’s still a loss and he is arguably the GOAT at light heavyweight. Whether the losses came early in their careers or at the end they still lost.

People like Jimmy and Dux have more than likely never really been tested or at least there is no real evidence of it anywhere other than their friends or people who can benefit from substantiating it. Con-men will always hang with like minded individuals if it benefits them.

They need to be exposed and that’s why we write these.

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