The Incredibly Fake True Story of Jimmy McMurtrie aka Jimmy Mc

Incredibly Fake True Stories

This is just my opinion based on research/personal experiences. I am basing this article on verifiable and more often than not unverifiable information pulled from multiple sources. The purpose of these articles is to bring awareness to potential martial artists by using examples of kung foolery. Oh man. This is the organization that keeps on … Read more

Off-Topic: Man busted for making seven figures from fake Walmart returns

Bro, I just can’t. This dude takes the cake for fake Walmart returns. I’ve seen white, black, Mexican, Chinese, and every other race on earth abusing Walmart’s ridiculous take anything back without a receipt policy, everybody does it, but this man…I just can’t. He stands accused of raking in $1.3M dollars….$1,300,000. Walmart you may want to rethink that policy. Check it out…

People might be right that Cena and Bella breaking up is a sham

John Cena and Nikki Bella were scheduled to be married, broke up, and the media coverage began. Cena was initially to blame for the cancelled wedding with Bella. Then it was Nikki’s decision – before it became a game of remorseful soul mates who may have made a mistake by separating. They went on TV and spoke to news sites about the break up and things seemed like a very big work, or something made to look real. Big surprise, sarcasm there, that rumors are that the “devastated” former lovers are trying to publicly reconcile. Our opinion? Total Bellas ratings folks and mainstream exposure for WWE. Check out the video below…

Ken Shamrock responds to “work” allegations

Carson’s Corner host, Bob Carson, recently interviewed ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’, Ken Shamrock, and asked him some tough questions. Carson did not pull a single punch as he went toe-to-toe with the legend on a number of issues, in particular the allegation that his most recent victory over Ross Clifton was a “work”.

Carson said that someone who knows Ken Shamrock and is from his area had informed him prior to Ken’s last bout the fight was going to be a “work”. This is VERY interesting since that is the EXACT impression many people had upon witnessing Shamrock’s first win in five years on Feb. 13th when he “defeated” the 360-pound Ross Clifton at WAR GODS, which incidentally is a promotion owned by Ken Shamrock himself.

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Pro Wrestling writer claims UFC is fixed

The "old" Brock Lesnar

by: Jack Bratcher

One of the down sides of giving Brock Lesnar a title shot when he didn’t earn it and then him having the nerve to beat the UFC Heavyweight Champion (Captain America of all people) is now MMA is being written about by the pro wrestling gurus.

Take for example some cat named Ronnie Bryce who says,

Mark my words, it may take years to come out, but UFC is predeterimed just like WWE.  Wrestling used to try and fool everyone years ago too in its infancy. Then when Vince took control he decided to come clean and admit matches are predeterimed and changed it to sports entertainment and now just “entertainment.” …UFC is the new “sports entertainment” even if they dont care to admit it yet. How ironic it’s home is Las Vegas. The city of UFC fans like Criss Angel and other illusionist.

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