The Incredibly Fake True Story of Count Dante

John Keehan was not actually Irish as his name and nationality would suggest. As a matter of fact his name wasn’t really Keehan. According to John he was actually a member of an exiled Spanish royal family. If we are being honest here there are so many inconsistencies that we aren’t even sure he ever … Read more

Off-Topic: Man busted for making seven figures from fake Walmart returns

Bro, I just can’t. This dude takes the cake for fake Walmart returns. I’ve seen white, black, Mexican, Chinese, and every other race on earth abusing Walmart’s ridiculous take anything back without a receipt policy, everybody does it, but this man…I just can’t. He stands accused of raking in $1.3M dollars….$1,300,000. Walmart you may want to rethink that policy. Check it out…

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