The Incredibly Fake True Story of Jimmy McMurtrie aka Jimmy Mc

Incredibly Fake True Stories

This is just my opinion based on research/personal experiences. I am basing this article on verifiable and more often than not unverifiable information pulled from multiple sources. The purpose of these articles is to bring awareness to potential martial artists by using examples of kung foolery. Oh man. This is the organization that keeps on … Read more

The Incredibly Fake True Story of Count Dante

Incredibly Fake True Stories

John Keehan was not actually Irish as his name and nationality would suggest. As a matter of fact his name wasn’t really Keehan. According to John he was actually a member of an exiled Spanish royal family. If we are being honest here there are so many inconsistencies that we aren’t even sure he ever … Read more

Off-Topic: Man busted for making seven figures from fake Walmart returns

Bro, I just can’t. This dude takes the cake for fake Walmart returns. I’ve seen white, black, Mexican, Chinese, and every other race on earth abusing Walmart’s ridiculous take anything back without a receipt policy, everybody does it, but this man…I just can’t. He stands accused of raking in $1.3M dollars….$1,300,000. Walmart you may want to rethink that policy. Check it out…