Is this another case of an alternate dimension leaking in to our own? McGregor praising someone again?

TJ Dillashaw failed some drug tests. You may have heard that fact if you are able to draw breath.

The short version is that not only did TJ fail a recent drug test but past ones that were tested again. This means that TJ was likely to be using banned substances when he knocked out Cody in both of their fights and this means that if it is proven the title should go back to Garbrandt. Should it? When Jon Jones failed his test(s) the belt went back to Daniel Cormier. Does this apply to TJ vs Cody?

Will it be returned? Probably not because the fight was back in August of 2018 and Cody lost his last fight to Pedro Munhoz by KO. This would mean that Pedro would now hold the belt if we go by the same logic. You know what? Let’s just move on. My head hurts.

Former champ/champ Conor McGregor jumped in the middle of this on social media not to slam TJ so much as to praise Cody Garbrandt. It seems like we are living in another reality because of this…

With that in mind read this supportive tweet.

What a world. What a world. I’m melting.

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