This Saturday we will finally see the rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson and even though it’s 5 years later than we wanted – it is still happening.

The first fight ended in a somewhat controversial unanimous decision for Jones but no one truly lost. It was proclaimed fight of the year and even the decade by some of the most popular sports writers. The return bout was a no-brainer and then it was revealed that according to Dana White, ‘Jon doesn’t want to fight Gustafsson’. A collective groan was heard throughout the MMA community.

The past is the past and this Saturday as we said we are finally getting it. Jon had an ‘atypical’ drug test in Nevada which forced the event to be moved at the last minute to California. That’s a whole ‘nother bag of cats. You can read about it here. Now that the bout is confirmed the only questions left to be answered are whether or not Alex can finally capture gold and what do the odds makers think of his chances.

Check it out:

Jones – 275

Gustafsson +210

What do you think of those odds? We agree even with Jon’s long layoff. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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