The most underappreciated bout on the UFC 232 card for this Saturday is probably the epic clash between featherweight champ Cris Cyborg and bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes.This fight will legitimately answer the question of who the true female GOAT is. It is the co-main event for the Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson rematch for the light heavyweight title so it makes a little sense that it takes a back seat.

This is one of those fights where it really comes down to power. Both of these women can knock opponents out cold if they connect and they have a solid ground game in case it goes to the mat. Will Nunes try to take down Cris or will Cyborg try the same with her just to mix things up? It’s a mystery that will be solved on Saturday.

The odds for this fight are closer than you think. Most of the time Cyborg is a huge favorite almost to the point of ridiculousness. This time it’s different which means Nunes is getting the respect she deserves even when she’s facing a monster like Cris. Here are the latest consensus odds for this bout:

Cyborg -250

Nunes +200

We think these are fair since Nunes is fighting up a weight class against the greatest to ever compete there. What do you think of these odds?

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