Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman may be one of the most delusional active UFC fighters right now. Not like when Chael Sonnen claimed he was the best in the world after losing multiple fights but more like when an aging Chuck Liddell was coming off multiple KTFO losses and wanted to make ‘another title run’. This is one of those moments when a sense of entitlement is so obvious that it kind of makes you laugh in a frustrated way.

Weidman is 1-3 in his last four with all three of his losses via KO/TKO. Despite his one struggle of a win against Kelvin Gastelum he feels his performances warrant him a title shot. 1-3 folks. 1-3. He was passed over to coach opposite middleweight champion Robert Whittaker on an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show and guess who got the spot? Kelvin Gastelum.

Kelvin just beat Michael Bisping and Jacare Souza and yet it still does seem a tad unfair to Chris that Gastelum gets the spotlight. Chris needs to look at the reality of the situation as a whole. Kelvin beat a former world champ and contender since his last loss and Chris hasn’t fought anyone else since beating Gastelum back in 2017. Chris thinking MMA math is valid here is insane. Part of fighting is earning a shot and Kelvin bounced back and did it with an exclamation point. Chris also publicly claims the reason he didn’t get the shot is not because of his 1-3 run, but rather it is due to coming off of a hand injury…

Here’s what Weidman told the Ariel Helwani MMA Show.

They were saying they couldn’t depend on me with my hand. They were worried about my hand not being ready in time. They were initially saying they were going to fight at the end of the year show, and I was telling them I’d definitely be ready. And they said they couldn’t really justify putting money into the Ultimate Fighter show with the chance of me not being able to fight.

It kind of pisses me off because there are a whole lot of things that can wrong with any fighter, so for them to put me in that predicament pisses me off a little, but what are you going to do?

I mean you got Gastelum who hasn’t made weight, Romero hasn’t made weight and Whittaker has been injured, too. There’s always things, it’s not like I am the only guy…what can you do?

Chris, come on man. Trying to discredit Kelvin isn’t helping your public image, not at all.


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