The mental game of mixed martial arts is an often forgotten key element. Mindset can determine a lot about how a fight can go. In fact, mindset is a key element of life in general. Visualization techniques are employed by the most successful athletes and for most people who have ever achieved anything of real importance or lasting value, and this was done either consciously or unconsciously.

In this guided meditation Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev takes the listener through a visualization exercise that will help a person identify and get in touch with their short-term, medium, and long-term goals and having them fulfilled. Everyone has something they want to accomplish, whether it be a more successful business, marriage, sports career, or to help their community in a more productive way.

It is recommended to sit straight up in a chair or on the floor, or lay flat on your back and get somewhere quiet to do this exercise. Test this out for a period of time and let us know what you think. Try to keep an open mind. Receptivity is the key.

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