Best tasting protein powders from Predator Nutrition

Predator Nutrition sent us over some samples of different protein powders to check out and we enjoyed them. We like mixing them with a banana and some peanut butter the best, but you can drink them simply by adding water, almond milk, or your favorite smoothie base.

Here’s which ones we liked best.

SUPER DELICIOUS!! If you are a chocolate fan, you can do no better than this Paleo Protein from Predator Nutrition. They call it triple chocolate and they aren’t joking. It’s absolutely delicious with 0 sugars 20g protein. ????

TASTES GOOD!! Chocolate is my favorite but this cookies n’ cream Animal Whey protein from Predator Nutrition is pretty tasty as well with 25g protein 3g carbs & 2g sugars. ?? 

Another great chocolate alternative was the Strawberries & Cream protein powder from Quest. Really really tasty, has less than 1g sugar and has 21g protein! These are just a few of the great protein powders and nutritional supplements carried by Predator Nutrition. Take a look at their site at to view their full selection!