New Alliance MMA league opens on NASDAQ

Alliance MMA, Inc., is a developmental league for mixed martial arts fighters that has completed its initial public offering (IPO) of common shares and is now trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “AMMA”. Paul K. Danner, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Alliance MMA, Inc. said via press release, “We believe MMA … Read more

This guided meditation can help you improve your all-around game

The mental game of mixed martial arts is an often forgotten key element. Mindset can determine a lot about how a fight can go. In fact, mindset is a key element of life in general. Visualization techniques are employed by the most successful athletes and for most people who have ever achieved anything of real … Read more

TEDx Talk with Rich Franklin: How to be a Loser

“Losing is inevitable. Make sure you have the tools in your toolbox to deal with it.” Speaking at TEDxUChicago last month, former UFC Middleweight champion Rich “Ace” Franklin explains how to be an effective loser. Who has ever done something great without suffering setbacks and losing at some point? Franklin was on top of the … Read more