Miriam Nakamoto once again showed how devastating her game inside the clinch can be as she decimated Duda Yankovich with knees and strikes to win impressively by TKO at 2:08 of the opening round.

Duda Yankovich took the center of the cage and pressed the action from the bell, mixing strikes to the head and body of Nakamoto, but that aggressiveness proved to be her downfall. Once Nakamoto clinched and went to work with knees, it was all but over. Nakamoto dropped Yankovich with a knee to the head, then landed with big strikes from the top as Yankovich looked to survive.

Yankovich scrambled to her feet but found herself on the cage when Nakamoto landed another powerful knee that sent her reeling to the canvas. Nakamoto flurried with strikes from the top forcing the referee to step in and stop the onslaught just over two minutes into the bout.

The win improves Miriam Nakamoto to 3-0 as she wins her second consecutive fight in the Invicta FC cage after her controversial win over Jessamyn Duke was changed to a no contest.

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