In a battle of top prospects, Tecia Torres and Rose Namajunas set the pace to start Invicta FC 6, with three rounds of nonstop action that saw Torres use her kickboxing prowess to outstrike Namajunas on her way to a unanimous decision victory.

Torres and Namajunas wasted little time kicking off the action to start the first ever PPV for Invicta FC. Torres came out landing stinging kicks while Namajunas used her jab to set up her right hand. Torres took the fight to the mat first, landing a hip toss, but quickly found herself in trouble fighting off an armbar attempt from Namajunas. Torres escaped, landing some big shots from the top in the process, but Namajunas wasn’t done with the submission attempts. Namajunas went to her signature flying-armbar and nearly finished the fight, fully extending the arm of Torres. Torres hung tough, finally freeing her arm, and then landing big combinations to finish off an exciting first round.

Namajunas landed a powerful right hand to start the second, but the story was Torres, who landed with multiple punch combinations while mixing in her kicks. Namajunas fired back, but failed to mount much of a sustained attack as Torres pushed forward. Torres continued to land with her kicks and flurries of punches as time ran out on the second round.

Namajunas went to her jab to start the final round while Torres snapped off a series of kicks before landing with a three-punch combination. Namajunas closed and put Torres on her back with a throw, then went to work to pass the guard of Torres. Torres created enough space to kick off but Namajunas quickly regained top position as time wound down on the final frame. Torres stayed busy from her back, throwing short right hands while controlling the posture of Namajunas. Torres then landed a big upkick, forcing Namajunas to dive back into the guard. Torres managed to get back to her feet, but again found herself on her back as time wound down on the bout.

After an exciting three rounds, it would be Tecia Torres (3-0 IFC) that would remain perfect, moving to 3-0 with scores of 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28 on the cards. The loss drops Rose Namajunas to 2-1 overall (2-1 IFC).

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