The following quotes are from tonight’s UFC POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV for UFC ON FUEL TV 10: NOGUEIRA VS. WERDUM. The show was hosted by Jay Glazer, with UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen and UFC middleweight Brian Stann offering analysis. Karyn Bryant conducted fighter interviews on-site.

UFC POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Chael Sonnen on Fabricio Werdum versus Minotauro Nogueira: “Big Nog was constantly moving forward in the first round. Werdum got him down. Then he saw the way that Big Nog protected himself on the ground and Werdum just moved faster.”

UFC POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Brian Stann on Werdum’s key to victory: “The key was Werdum was more mobile on the top when they were on the ground. He submitted the guy with the most submissions in history in the UFC. I thought Big Nog turned the fight at the end of the first round, but Werdum realized he had a better chance on the ground and took the fight back down. Big Nog’s mobility on the ground wasn’t the same as Werdum’s. Going into the second round, his corner told him to keep moving and said he had an advantage on the ground and take it back down.”

Stann on Werdum’s recent rise in the heavyweight division: “He has caught his groove and has the right people around him. He’s enjoying his time and that’s when a fighter is dangerous. He’s going out to put on a performance and that’s when he’ll do his best.”

Fabricio Werdum on how he feels after his win: “I feel great. Nogueira is a legend in the sport. He’s my good friend. I’m very happy with the win but he punches very hard. When I saw the opportunity to go on the ground, I got the armbar.”

Werdum on his submission: “My strategy was to fight with force. I got him on the ground because I had more possibilities on the ground. When I punched him, he went on his back and I got the armbar.”

Werdum on how close he thinks he is to a title shot: “I think if the UFC gave me the opportunity, for sure I’d bring a lot now. I think I’d wait and see who won the fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos.”

Sonnen on who Werdum should fight next: “I want to see him take on the winner of Frank Mir and Josh Barnett.”

Stann on who Werdum should fight next: “I’d like to see the winner of Travis Browne versus Alistair Overeem. That’s an exciting matchup.”

Brian Stann on William Patolino vs. Leonardo Santos: “Patolino was showcasing his well-rounded skillset with takedowns and great stand up. He hammered Santos in the first round with some huge punches. In round two, Santos lands a takedown, moves to mount, and starts to hammer away. Patolino starts to get desperate and gets caught in an arm choke. When you get a seven-time world jiu-jitsu champion on top with that technique, there’s only one result.”

Sonnen on Santos’ age not being a factor: “We had a 33 year old take out a 21 year old. That’s inspiring, guys. It doesn’t usually go that way in combat sports. Age doesn’t matter. There’s no such thing as an advantage – it’s who wants it more. I thought Santos wore the younger opponent down and got the tap out.”

Leonardo Santos on how he feels after his win: “I am extremely happy. I don’t even know what to say. I feel like I’m hallucinating. I don’t even know what to do right now with what happened tonight.”

Stann breaks down Thiago Silva’s technique to get the victory: “Silva defended himself by keeping his chin down and hands up and absorbed what Feijao threw at him. Then Thiago backed him up and stood him up against the cage. Thiago threw two big punches and hit him on the back of the head behind the ear, and then connected up the middle to the chin and knocked him out.”

Silva on what he did to get the win: “I just followed my instructions from my coaches. They said, be patient and wait for the right moment. I was confident and listened to my coaches. I had a good opportunity to fight a good guy and I think everything is going well and I’m so happy.”

Sonnen on who Silva should fight next: “Silva isn’t in top ten, but he should be. Glover Teixeira is in top 10, but he hasn’t fought someone in the top ten. I’d like to see these two fight each other.”

Sonnen on Erick Silva defeating Jason High: “The last time an American wrestler came to Brazil against Silva, it was an upset. But Silva was ready for it this time and when this fight went to the ground, he submitted him. It’s a huge sign of character and a huge quality of a champion when they overcome what happened last time with this victory.”

Silva on what he learned after losing to Jon Fitch in his last fight: “I had to train for each area. I searched for good teachers good Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai and trained in every area.”

Evans on what he’s been working on for Dan Henderson at UFC 161: “The one thing I’ve been working on more than anything is becoming more confident and implementing what I’m good at. I seem to have a tendency to overthink what I’m doing when I’m out there competing. When you’re out there, the last thing you should be doing is thinking. You should just be reacting.”

Evans on staying away from Henderson’s big right punch: “I watch it over and over again. But I can’t be afraid to get hit by it. If you’re afraid of it, you’ll probably get hit by it harder than you think. I’ve fought a lot of guys with big right hands – Rampage, Chuck Liddell, so I know that I can get caught by a big right hand and keep fighting. I’m not going to make his big right hand a big deal. With that being said, I’m not going to circle to the wrong side. I’m going to avoid it as much as possible.”

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