tito ortiz - moneyMatt Hughes got one. Chuck Liddell got one. Tito Ortiz did not get one.

I’m talking about jobs with the UFC after fighting. Both Liddell and Hughes received positions with the company that seem to have come from a sense of loyalty they both showed to the organization and to boss Dana White over the years.

White alluded to this policy of taking care of those that have remained loyal in a recent interview with SI.com:

“We’ve had some people around who have been incredibly disloyal. Once you’re like that with me, you’re done. You’re shut off. Maybe we repair it for business reasons, but you’ll always be a short-termer. If you look at the guys — Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Forrest Griffin — who have always been solid, good guys to the company, they’re guys who will be with the company.Chuck Liddell works here. He’s an employee. He hasn’t been here in a long f—— time, but he gets a paycheck every week. That’s what I mean about loyalty. Chuck Liddell gets a big fat paycheck every week, and he’s out doing his thing.“

That’s a pretty sweet gig when you can get a paycheck without having to physically show up to work. A guest on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani Monday, Ortiz was asked why he thought he wasn’t offered a job with the UFC:

“That’s a great question. Maybe there’s still hatred. I don’t know. Like I say man, life’s too short to hate and think about things that could of or should of happened. I think I could give a great side of a fighter, a promotion side of it, help for the UFC and they don’t give me enough respect to even give me a call. And it’s fine. I do have other means to make money and support my family and I have no problem doing that.”

Ortiz was then asked if he wanted a job?

“Of course. Who wouldn’t want a job with the UFC. It’s the biggest promotion in the world. And I think I could do a wonderful job doing it.”

New positions were invented for Liddell and Hughes. Liddell became the VP of Business Development and Hughes became VP of Athlete Development and Government Relations. Ortiz was asked what type of job he could do for the UFC:

“I don’t know. Helping the fighters with marketing. A lot of the fighters don’t understand it. They come and they fight and they’re forgot about. There’s a lot of things that could be done to make fighters more interesting for the fans to fall in love with and really follow their careers closely.”

It’s possible Dana has forgiven Ortiz, but just hasn’t forgot. After all, it’s kind of hard to forget stuff like this:

tito ortiz dana white is my bitch shirt

What do you think, do you feel sorry for Ortiz? Should the UFC give him a job too or does he have to lay in the bed he made for himself?

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