chuck_liddell_dwts3If you recall when Chuck Liddell retired he was given his new position of Vice President of Business Development with the UFC. But anytime anyone asked him about his job description, he gave vague answers like, “help promote the sport” or  be an “ambassador” for the sport — stuff like that.

In a new interview with, UFC President Dana White gave a little more insight into what exactly “The Iceman’s” duties require — and if you think ol’ Chucky boy is sitting in an office somewhere answering phone calls or setting up appearances, think again. White said:

“We’ve had some people around who have been incredibly disloyal. Once you’re like that with me, you’re done. You’re shut off. Maybe we repair it for business reasons, but you’ll always be a short-termer. If you look at the guys — Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Forrest Griffin — who have always been solid, good guys to the company, they’re guys who will be with the company. Chuck Liddell works here. He’s an employee. He hasn’t been here in a long f—— time, but he gets a paycheck every week. That’s what I mean about loyalty. Chuck Liddell gets a big fat paycheck every week, and he’s out doing his thing.

There’s no doubt Chuck Liddell made the UFC a ton of money and in a sense this could be looked at like White’s version of a pension plan. It could also be looked at as taking care of a buddy; after all, White managed Chuck to start with and they’ve held a long close relationship.

Tito Ortiz is an example of someone who did not remain as loyal to the brand — or to White, as Chuck did.  And while White and Ortiz did repair their relationship for “business reasons” and Ortiz was able to fight inside the Octagon again, it’s safe to say Oritz is not going to be Vice President of anything for the UFC.

So, what are your thoughts on Chuck’s “big fat paycheck”? Pretty sweet eh?

Here’s a fun game — if Matt Hughes, who Dana named as another example of a loyal soldier, was given a cushy job title with the UFC, what could they call it? How about, Executive Director of Big Game Hunting?

What about Forrest Griffin? Comfortability Inspector of Hotel Bedding, maybe?

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