A behind the scenes look at any UFC event is something the fans crave, want and look forward to. To capitalize on the hunger of fans for an all access pass Fuel TV is releasing UFC Unrestricted on November 10th to the masses.

UFC Unrestricted is 60 minutes of behind the scenes for the build up of UFC 148. The show begins with a little bit of the history between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. We all know of how Sonnen dominated the best pound for pound fighter in the history of the sport for four rounds and lost to that sneaky little triangle choke. That sets the stage for what some considered to be the biggest event to date for the UFC.

Not only do we get the background on the main event but we get teased with some footage of now UFC Hall of Fame inductee Tito Ortiz as he prepares to step into the cage for the last time. We see a prelude to his fight with Forest Griffin and the madness around this whole event.

No spoiler alert, nothing to surprise you with. This show is purely a fan’s dream to be where the cameras are out during this time in the UFC’s history. We see Dana White at the UFC Fan Expo. What’s great is you see Dana in his element. It is not the media he’s dealing with but fans. He takes the time out to record a voicemail message for one lucky fan. You can tell that he is having a great time and is anticipating one of the biggest crowds for weigh-ins that are about to happen.

Of course at the weigh-ins you get to see how it is all prepared and set up. The focus goes from fighters to production team to what the fans are seeing. You get an appreciation for the undertaking that the UFC goes through each time they put an event on.

Emotions run high on fight day and the cameras get a glimpse at the spectrum of things that go on. We get to see Tito Ortiz inducted into the Hall of Fame. As a fan it may make you appreciate a little bit more what fighters like Ortiz have gone through and what kind of legacy they leave behind.

UFC Unrestricted is a great look never before seen footage that encompasses the ins and outs of UFC 148. That part is great. There are two parts that I would have like to have seen them build on.

Burt Watson is such a great character. The babysitter to the fighters he has such a huge role in what goes on during fight weekends. We get a small glimpse at what he does as far as the pre weigh-ins and getting the fighters hyped during the fight. Probably not fitting for this episode but I would definitely like a more  detailed look at what Burt does during the time he is at the events.

Also we get a brief look UFC Craig Borsari. Leading operations for the UFC, Craig has a multitude of tasks to complete and finalize. Another person who is presented during the show that I would like to see and learn more about.

Overall this is a grand slam for the fans of the UFC. Great look at what goes on to make the UFC  what it is today. My only quarrel to the whole thing is that the poor narrator sounds like he is reading straight from the page. Not much enthusiasm.

UFC Unrestricted airs on Fuel TV Saturday November 10th at 1 p.m ET and if this is the type of MMA entertainment you crave I suggest you tune in.

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