2012 Arnold Sports Festival: Interview with fitness beauty Patty Zariello

ProMMAnow.com‘s (www.prommanow.com) exclusive coverage of the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival continues with this interview with NPC fitness competitor, nutrition coach and personal trainer, Patty Zariello, who is sponsored by protein nutrition company BNRG (Bio-Nutritional Research Group) and was working their booth.

One of BNRG’s main products is Proto-Whey (www.protowhey.com), a hydrolyzed whey protein. Patty explained what makes Proto-Whey different than its competitors  and why its high level of hydrolysis leads to nearly 100% absorption by the body.

Patty also explained why Proto-Whey is beneficial for mixed martial arts fighters and other athletes, who can take it prior to a workout or fight for energy, or afterward for recovery, and the rapid and full absorption will prevent bloating.

For more information about Proto-Whey and BNRG’s other products check out www.bnrg.com and for more on Patty Zariello visit www.pattyzariello.com, Facebook and follow her on Twitter at @PattyZarello.

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