Kettlebell Rx by Jeff Martone. Photo courtesy of Victory Belt.

In, Kettlebell Rx, one of the newest releases from famed publisher Victory Belt, renowned crossfit and kettlebell instructor Jeff Martone lays out some excellent instruction on the proper usage of kettlebells.


In KETTLEBELL Rx, CrossFit Kettelbell instructor and world-renowned Kettlebell authority Jeff Martone teaches you how to toughen-up your body, develop unbelievable conditioning and stamina, and acquire a chiseled physique by wielding the ball of iron known as a kettlebell. Drawing on his worldwide research and the thousands of classes he has taught to athletes around the world, he breaks down kettelbell training like never before. He offers hundreds of movements, both beginning and advanced, breaks down and corrects the most common errors students make while training each movement, and offers detailed workouts for athletes of all disciplines and skill levels. With thousands of step-by-step color photographs, descriptive narrative, and detailed programming, KETTLEBELL Rx is the most comprehensive and practical Kettlebell book on the market.

Of all of the Victory Belt releases I have had the opportunity to review, Kettlebell Rx is my favorite. Admittedly, I am a little biased because I recently started working with kettlebells again so I found the book very personally relevant, but the instruction and tips Martone provides are top-notch across the board.

The book is divided into three sections: Kettlebells for CrossFitters, Rotational Power Development, and Introduction to Kettlebell Sport Technique.

From the overview of Kettlebell Rx:

The objective of this book is to share a tested, systematic approach to kettlebell lifting that will maximize your ability to learn, improve, and master fundamental kettlebell exercises in minimum time. This book has three distinct parts. Part 1 and 2 are complete, stand-alone training programs, and part 3 is a primer to kettlebell sport. Essentially, you are holding three separate yet complimentary, books bound together in one comprehensive training system.

Martone opens the book with information on the learning process, discussing the stages of learning as well as different learning styles. The physical instruction part of the book opens with a thorough explanation of a proper warm-up as well as joint mobility/flexibility.

The book is absolutely an excellent took for both beginner and advanced kettlebell users, either in an individual or a team setting, in large part due to the “Common Errors” shown throughout the book. Martone will illustrate common errors in posture and technique, and describe the corrective action in both pictures and words. Clearly, this is excellent for beginners and people who train on their own or in very small groups, because posture and techniques can be easily corrected through Martone’s instruction. Additionally, the corrective action sections are excellent for trainers as Martone provides simple tips to correct a trainee’s improper actions.

As with all Victory Belt releases, the numerous full-color photographs provide readers with an excellent visual aid to the written instruction. In addition to the instruction on kettlebell techniques, Martone also provides other excellent information, on the causes of common injuries, various workout plans, and an introduction to kettlebell sport, including fast facts on the sport as well as weight classes and point system.

If you’re an MMA fighter looking to add an extra dimension to your training, or just an average Joe or Jane looking to pick up a workout different than what you will find at many local gyms, this is an excellent book. Even if you are an experienced trainer, but new to kettlebells – again – this is an excellent book.

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  1. I have had the opportunity to work with Jeff a few times, the training he gives and the information he gives in this book is priceless. You can take a KB anywhere and do anything with it- but why? Jeff, gives so much of him self in this book- you rarely see that anymore. I highly recommend to all types of coaches, especially if your programming has anything to do unilateral capabilities.

    ~Thanks Jeff
    CrossFit Fort Bragg
    Michelle J Benedict

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