Pro MMA Now book review: Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts, The Stand Up Game

Famed MMA trainer Greg Jackson recently announced that he is throwing his hat into the cage as he takes on a new role as an MMA promoter.  However, the MMA world knows Jackson as one of the top MMA trainers.  Jackson’s training skills and abilities to gameplan are some of the most sought-after in the … Read more

Pro MMA Now Product Review: Boxing for MMA with Anderson Silva

Instructional materials for MMA are often lacking. Whether it be a failure to have a well-known fighter or instructor to help with the materials, or a failure to accurately translate such physical techniques to print form, the bottom line is that many instructional materials lack true usefulness for people training MMA on any level. This … Read more

A product review – Brandon Quick’s Fade to Black

One of the first things I posted here on was a profile I did of Brandon “Never Quit” Quick, one of the leading no gi BJJ instructors and trainers out there. I first got into contact with Brandon when he was still with 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and we have stayed in contact since he cut ties with 10th Planet to focus on his own school, Trinity Combat Academy.

One of Brandon’s final projects before he left 10th Planet was releasing Fade to Black, a three-DVD instructional set on chokes, specifically gators, darce chokes, Peruvian neckties, reverse arm triangles, arm triangles and guillotines. The cover of the set proclaims it to be “The most comprehensive instructional DVD set on no gi chokes ever produced,” and quite simply, it’s right.

Over three DVDs, Quick demonstrates numerous setups to these choke from various positions, and even throws in a lot of good defensive techniques. Simply put, this set is an excellent choice for anyone looking to step up his or her choke game, whether it be for BJJ or MMA.

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Fighter Profile: Brandon Quick – Integrity never taps out

Brandon Quick demonstrates one of his trademark submissions.

Brandon “Never Quit” Quick is a name you should recognize as being at the top of the no gi BJJ scene. No stranger to the digital age in which we live, Quick has spread his techniques all over the world, making use of sites like YouTube, offering online training seminars, and most recently, the release of a three-DVD set, Fade to Black.

Formerly affiliated with 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Quick is now focused on the development of his own students and school, Trinity Combat Academy.

Over the past few months, I have been exchanging calls and emails with Quick, talking about everything from his new DVD set to his philosophies on jiu jitsu to his extensive tattoos.

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