2004 Olympian, four-time National Judo Champion, BJJ black belt, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson (American Top Team) speaks openly and honestly about his transition into mixed martial arts and where he is in his progression.

Although Ferguson has a strong grappling background, he only began training in striking earlier this year. Now he has had two professional MMA fights, about a month apart, and has won them both via TKO.

A comment was made on one of the forums that Ferguson was not ready for the UFC. Dr. Ferguson is the first to admit that. Although, with the level of training partners he has access to, as well as his work ethic, strength and athleticism, it shouldn’t be too long before he could be at that level.

Wherever this journey takes him, we as fans should count ourselves fortunate we get to witness the process. When Olympians and world-class athletes such as Dr. Ferguson transition into MMA it helps lend credibility to the sport and helps further its growth, and that of course, is a good thing.

Dr. Ferguson and his friend and ours, King Mo Lawal, are scheduled to be a guest on an upcoming episode of The Cageside Beat, the official radio show of ProMMAnow.com, so keep on the lookout for that, we’re shooting for next Thursday. And if you still have not seen Dr. Ferguson’s fight video from GFC 8 this past weekend, check that out here: Rhadi Ferguson GFC 8 fight video.

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  1. you need a new striking coach and you should have stayed ammy to develop you game! I respect you but this is MMA not Judo! When you go Pro that means your ready to fight the best. Stop fighting chumps!

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