UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar (4-1), accompanied by UFC President Dana White, appeared on ESPN SportsCenter this morning, giving his first interview since being sidelined last fall with diverticulitis.

Lesnar explained the details surrounding his illness, how he was first diagnosed with mononucleosis, then later, up in Canada, they realized he actually had diverticulitis, and diverticulosis. In short, the champ had a hole in his stomach.

The doctors said he would have to have a surgery that would end his career, and would result in him having to wear a colostomy bag. The only other choice was, if he could somehow heal himself naturally.

As of Jan. 5, 2010, in an end result that White and Lesnar both called “a miracle”, the doctors can no longer even find a trace of the illness. “I’ve had three or four different opinions, there’s literally no sign of anything even existing in there,” said Lesnar. White credited “holistic medicine” as one of the main things that helped Lesnar recover.

Because the UFC did not know when Lesnar would be able to return, they already have an interim title match set up for their heavyweight division between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin on March 27. White stated officially Lesnar’s next bout will be against the winner of that fight.

He also added, If Mir or Carwin is unable to fight, the winner of the UFC 110 fight on Feb. 20 between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez will step in.

By: Jack Bratcher

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  1. i would like to learn about the holistic protocol that Brock Lesnar used to heal his illness. i suffer from a similar disease.. meds don’t work, leaving me run down and sick. please help if you can. this could help a lot of people.

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