Frank Trigg has an intriguing fight coming up against Matt Serra at UFC 109 on Feb. 6. The loser of the fight, especially if it’s Trigg, could very well find themselves released from the promotion.

Trigg discusses what motivates him each day to get up and keep training after all these years. He also talks about training with Marc Laimon and the guys at Cobra Kai. He still claims Xtreme Couture as his home, but it is good to see Trigg supplement his training with some fresh instruction. And, we all know how Laimon and Serra don’t get along.

Trigg also talks about how basically he will be jobless after fighting, but there must be MMA gyms all over this country that would pay good money to have Trigg on staff as a coach. If coaching and broadcasting don’t work out, Trigg could always see if Jerry Hall is still looking for a “Kept” man.

If you never saw “Kept”, here are some clips with Trigg from the first episode after the jump…

Check out Trigg at the 7:10 mark talk about how cold it was to swim across the Thames River in London to get to Jerry Hall.

Trigg’s part starts at about 6:16 on this one as they are getting ready to go out and buy a gift for Jerry. Then see the cute little gift Trigg bought for Jerry at 8:15.

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