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Episode 10: Showtime Schaub

The episode starts out of course with Matt “The Rat” Mitrione being a head case again. With his facial expressions and his outlandish stories he tried to play mind games with us, or he was trying to come up with an excuse of why he couldn’t fight James McSweeney. My striking coach now at Grudge Training Center in Denver, Colorado was severely offended…

Coach Trevor Wittman has been around Professional boxers for over 10 years, and he is one of the BEST trainers around, period. Matt was milking everything, and the doctors said he didn’t have a concussion, and the doctors said he was clear to fight. If he doesn’t fight, it is because of himself and not because a doctor didn’t clear him.

The coaches challenge was awesome because both coaches have never played beach volleyball! It was awesome because all the Team Rashad guys made an extra $1,500! It was also extremely entertaining to be able to get out of the house, go to The Palms and watch our coaches fight for money for us! They actually played a really, really good game and we came back and won two games in a row.

Kimbo took an ice bath on the episode… I didn’t witness it in the house so that was entertaining to watch. I took ice baths probably every other day in the house… We had a full freezer stocked to the brim of ice bags for all the guys to take ice baths with. Kimbo called me crazy the first time seeing me do it in the house so it was funny to see his reaction when he tried it.

Dana came into talk to the guys, and told us that he won’t ever make anyone fight… You know what’s funny. Dana said, “We will find out tomorrow if Matt will be able to fight or not.” Matt after that wanted to know if he could postpone it until a couple of days later… Kinda tried to bargain with Dana if he could wait till the DAY before weigh ins if he could fight or not, which in turn would mean the person taking his spot would take the fight on a less than two day notice… Matt was definitely playing games the whole time in the house, or severely doubted himself… or both.

In Brendan and Jon’s fight Jon took him down with using his bread and butter right hook to a single leg, lifted Brendan up and slammed him to the mat. Jon didn’t do much damage and was brought back to their feet. Jon again got a takedown and laid on him. The ref stood them up after no damage being landed. He took him down with another single leg and got another big slam. Jon definitely won the first round.

Jon was extremely flat footed in the second round and Brendan started to stalk him. Brendan used some good strikes from the clinch and defended a lot of Jon’s takedowns. Brendan “Showtime” Schaub let his hands go and landed a sweet one two, then another right that sent Jon to the canvas.

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By:  Justin “The Viking” Wren

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  1. Mitrione is killin me… I was wondering if there was any discussion of other fighters that might step in for Mitrione or if it was just assumed that Kimbo would go in. I can’t imagine everyone just accepting that without discussion.

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