“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 10 recap

Matt Mitrione came in and said he had swelling of the brain. Rashad said it sounds like a concussion. They asked Matt for some sort of written proof from the doctor, but he does not produce anything. His story frankly sounds conflicting. The coaches don’t know if he wants to fight, if he’s just making excuses, or what.

Now Kimbo, who has been wanting to fill in for someone the whole show, seems to have knee trouble. Regardless, Rampage wants to start getting Kimbo ready to fill in for Matt Mitrione. Now Kimbo is hesitant because if he fills in for Mitrione, he will have to fight James McSweeney in the quarter-finals.

Kimbo said, “I would fight him, don’t get me wrong, but I need time to prepare. He’s a kicker.” Uhh, yeah Kimbo, this is MMA, everyone is a potential “kicker.” So, Kimbo apparently doesn’t want to risk getting kicked in his knee that he claims was recently injured.

Brendan Schaub is fighting Jon Madsen tonight on the show in one of the quarter-final matches.

The doctor comes in and tells Kimbo he’s missing cartilage in his knee, and he has fluid in it. Kimbo says he’s not letting them stick him with a needle.

Time for the traditional “Coaches Challenge” – This season’s challenge is… Beach Volleyball.

Instead of one-on-one, it’s two-on-two. It’s Tiki and Rampage vs. Rashad and Mike Van Arsdale. The winning coaches get $10,000 and each fighter on their team gets $1,500.

Rampage and Tiki won the first game. Rashad and Mike one the second. And then Rashad and Mike won the tie-breaker third round. Rashad rubs the victory in Rampage’s face of course.

The next scene cuts to Kimbo getting in an ice bath for what seems to be the first time. He’s soaking his knee, but his whole lower body is in the ice bath. All the guys are messing with him cause he’s having such a hard time with it. He finally gets out and gets in the Jacuzzi.

“I want to be an Ultimate Fighter,” Kimbo says.

Brendan Schaub ends up coaching himself for the fight for the most part, and Rashad appears to be helping Schaub’s opponent Jon Madsen quite a bit. Schaub wasn’t too happy about that since the coaches said they weren’t going to do individual teaching for the quarter-finals. He knows Madsen and Rashad both have wrestling backgrounds and said, “Wrestlers stick together.”

Rashad talks to Matt Mitrione to see if he wants to fight. He asks Mitrione if he feels they are forcing him to fight. Matt says yes he does feel like that.

In the confessional Mitrione just says he wants the show to be over and he wants to go home.

Rashad is sick of it, takes it out of Mitrione’s hands, and calls Dana. Rashad would like to give the opportunity to someone who wants to be here.

Dana comes in gives his “who wants to be a f*cking fighter” speech for Mitrione’s sake.


Schaub weighs in at 239 lbs. Madsen weighs in at 247 lbs. Schaub’s the boxer. Madsen’s the wrestler.

Brendan Schaub vs. Jon Madsen

Round 1 – Madsen shoots, gets stuffed. Madsen shoots again, gets a leg and lifts Schaub up high for a slam. Madsen lands a nice punch from half guard. Ref telling him he needs to stay busy. Ref stands them up. Madsen goes for the takedown again. Schaub stuff this one, Madsen presses him against the cage, Schaub reverses position. Still clinched. Schaub lands a punch. Madsen picks him up high again and slams him, landing in side control. Madsen moves to the opposite side, then moves into half guard. Ref calls for action. Madsen lands some shots to the body. Madsen gets that round 10-9.

Round 2 – Madsen shoots, gets stuffed. They clinch, Schaub lands a knee to the body. Madsen still pressuring. They square up again. Schaub seems to be waiting for Madsen’s shot. Schaub lands a right hand then another one right on the chin, and drops Madsen for the knockout. Schaub stands over him and gives the neck slice motion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brendan Schaub def. Jon Madsen by knockout Rd 2

Rashad said after the fight Brendan should have had a point taken away after the fight.

There will be no show next week, and then the week after is a two-hour special with the last four fights of the season; two more quarter-finals, then two semi-finals to see who fights live at the TUF 10 Finale on Dec. 5. See ya in two weeks.

To get a behind-the-scenes view on this episode, don’t forget to read Justin Wren’s official TUF 10 blog only available right here at ProMMA.info.

4 thoughts on ““The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 10 recap”

  1. If matt cant fight they should give Demico a 2nd chance not kimbo. I mean we all know kimbo will lsoe to mcsweeny so putting him up against him would just be a waste. Also as we all know kimbo doesnt need to win TUF to be in the UFC, so pretty much their giveing him a 2nd chance when he doesnt even need one. I was glad shaub won, so far the quarter final fights are going as i predicted. Also i REALLY hope Darril destroys marcus, I think Roy Nelson and Darril Schnoonover are the 2 best fighters in the house so i really hope they make it to the Finale. At the end of your post you say next week we get to see the 2 hour special but actualy thats in 2 weeks. Sadly there wont be any TUF next wensday.

  2. WOW no tittys will not even give marcus a good fight. roy is no where near being the best fighter in the house. he has fought in two ugly fights. his last fight he was lucky to get past round 1. if justin had not gotten tired roy would have been knocked out. he is cocky and annoying. no one in the house likes him not even the president. darril has no reach to compete with marcus’s size and stamana. darril is praying for a knock out or putting marcus on the ground. marcus is too big and strong. HE WANTS THIS MORE! james is one of the best fightedrs. and brandon has improved alot.

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