Justin with training partners Brendan, Domico, and Nate.
Justin with training partners Brendan Schaub, Demico Rogers, and Nate Quarry.

Justin Wren TUF Blog: Voices in my head

The fight picks come out and we picked Matt “The Rat” Mitrione to fight Scott “Punk Haole” Junk, which then leaves Mike Wessell to fight Marcus Jones. It looks like Matt’s manipulation skills have worked out for him and he no longer had to fight Marcus Jones who we all agreed he was scared to fight.

Rashad and Rampage get into each other’s faces. Rampage said “he didn’t quit on his guys and that his fighters quit in the cage.” He also went on to agree that he isn’t a coach and Rashad calls him out and says he shouldn’t have accepted the job. The argument gets heated, and personal… These two guys really do HATE each other! In my opinion Ramapage shouldn’t have taken the job; yes it does hype up their fight, yes it does get him more exposure, but he has EIGHT guy’s futures that he is representing… and representing EXTREMELY poorly.

Matt again… AGAIN turns into being a RAT. Matt hands Scott Junk a note saying that Mike didn’t want to fight Scott, and was scared. Mike wasn’t scared to fight anybody, and Matt is the weirdest, manipulative, rat I have ever met. The guy is playing a game the whole time and I was hoping Scott Junk would knock him out, even though Matt was on my team. All the picks were finalized, and I wanted my buddy Scott Junk to dominate in this fight.

Matt went around the house, for a lot of the time, and talked about demons, voices in his head, and a TON of other weirdo things. He would tell the team he “talked” to his wife, his kids, etc… and then say he talked to them through his head… and that they are at “peace.” The dude is a little bit of a lunatic. He would go around like a middle school girl and talk about people behind their backs… Always something new and pathetic happening with Matt.

I have trained with Junk before… Sparred with him, and he really is a monster. All the hype behind him is there for a certain reason. EVERYONE thought that Scott Junk was going to ABSOLUTELY dominate, myself included!

Matt and Jon had a confrontation, and this is my only time I will defend Matt. Jon, the entire time in the house, would try to boss people around. Everyone shared everything, and Jon was the only one that would be a jerk about it. Jon and Matt started sparring… now I will defend Jon. Matt is a SPAZ in training. He NEVER went 60% never went 80%… Always 100% even when we were supposed to be just drilling. Most of the time in training, you try to be a GOOD training partner, but he had no control, EVER.

Matt and Rashad had words. Matt again is a weirdo, and he should be worried about his fight in a couple of days instead of trying to fight his own teammate. I can see Matt being upset about Jon; I got annoyed with Jon a ton, but fact is, Matt is a meathead and needed to worry about his fight with Junk and not fighting Jon. Oh and I thought it was funny that Rashad called Matt out on his shoulder being “cured!”

James and Wes decided to divert some of their attention from picking on Zak Jensen to pick on Matt, a little bit before his fight. Wes is a funny character and BROUGHT a Karate gi to the house, and then started his assault on Matt Mitrione. He followed Matt from outside, to inside, to outside, over and over.

Matt was a weird cat, it hasn’t showed it yet but his “room” was in one of the downstairs CLOSETS. He used that as his room the entire show! Luckily for Matt, he made “peace” with the demons in his head a day or two before the fight… and he fought a lot better than any of us could have thought.

Scott, being one of my good friends, made me extremely nervous for him. We all wanted Scott to win, even most of, or all of Rashad’s team. Scott gets poked in the eye at 30 seconds into the first round! I am not making excuses for Junk just because he is my friend, but he tore his retina in 2 or 3 places and had to have eye surgery after the fight. Scotty couldn’t see out of his eye the entire fight, and Scotty didn’t fight like I know he does in training. I think it was a combination of the eye injury, and a lot of pressure Scotty put on himself.

You have to make friends where you can on the mountain.

Matt landed some really good shots in the first round and by far won the first round. Scotty wasn’t the same guy I know from training during this fight. Scotty did have the heart of a warrior and showed it. He started rocking Matt in the last 20 seconds of the round and both guys got EXHAUSTED.

At the end of round one, I literally was SICK to my stomach. I wanted Scott to win so bad because I knew he wanted to dedicate the win to a relative who passed away shortly before the filming of the show. This was another reason I didn’t want to fight Scott in the first round… For the fight to end the way it did I really was heart broke for him. Scott fought with TONS of heart, and to fight with a potentially career ending injury like he did spoke tons about his character. I wish things would have turned out differently for Scotty; the eye surgery truly was a scary moment in the house.

Scott was Rampage’s boy, and after the fight he was extremely disappointed, and ripped apart a door. Next fight up is Marcus “The Darkness/Big Baby” Jones vs.  Mike “The Juggernaut/White Tyson” Wessel. That fight is a good one.  Everyone will be impressed.

I want to thank www.promma.info for giving me the opportunity to blog!  I hope you guys enjoy a little bit of the insight.  Until next time!!

By:  Justin “The Viking” Wren

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  1. Great synopsis of what happened. I was hoping Wes would just hide in the bushes and pretend to be the voices in his head! He’s cured, but I bed he gies down in round 2! Keep blogging!

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