Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 5

Justin Wren didn't need to do this to Wes Sims on TUF 10.
Justin Wren proved Wednesday on The Ultimate Fighter he deserves to be on the show.

Justin Wren TUF Blog: Here to make a STATEMENT!

First off I would love to say thanks to PROMMA.info for letting me blog for their site, they believed in me way before I was anything and I am thankful to be blogging for them! This episode went really well and I am excited that I got my first victory wearing the “infamous” UFC gloves. I am extremely blessed that I won against such a seasoned veteran!

Matt was being such a wuss during a lot of the filming! He would always have excuse after excuse and he was definitely a drama queen. I have never met a man that needed so much attention, and that was such a weird dude when it came to fighting. He always wanted to talk himself up as the best fighter in the house, but then wanted to be a baby and not train, but still wanted to fight. Matt is smart though… He DEFINITELY knows how to get a TON of air time!

Wes Sims stepped in a “family of Jensens” one day… Funny back story is that I was a neighboring room to Wes and I heard Wes freak out while he was in the shower and then immediately come out giving Zak a hard time cause he took a “long” shower right before Wes got in there. Another back story is that Zak and I were suppose to fight each other a couple of months before the filming of the show, and he just didn’t show up to weigh ins… I think a lot of people are starting to find out that he is mentally weak, a lot like Matt Mitrione faking his injury. So both teams were dealing with a bad apple. Matt definitely needed attention… and maybe a group hug!

I knew that I was being picked for the fight! I was so excited to be fighting… I was chomping at the bit the ENTIRE time I was there.  Rashad and my other coaches thought that I was one of the better guys on the show (HUGE compliment) and I wanted to take out someone that would look good to the fans on TV. Sims is a vet, and is huge, so a win against him would show that I am a serious contender for the show. I think the majority of the guys thought that I was the underdog, but in my mind, as a 22 year old kid if I were to have an impressive victory then it would do great things for my career and I was fortunate for the opportunity.

Kimbo definitely thought I was the underdog. Kimbo definitely didn’t respect my wrestling pedigree and would rather respect Wes’s reputation for “not tapping.” Cool I guess, seems educated. Rampage said I only know Greco as well. I am so extremely thankful that I had the coaches I had, they were the absolute best and I was so fortunate!

Weigh ins came around and I had something funny planned, I decided to wear some purple leopard manties and Wes came out with some funky undies that were definitely stuffed with socks! Haha, what was funny is that we didn’t plan that!

“This is my life, this is my passion, and my dream is to become a World Champion one day.” Going into this fight this thought continued going through my head constantly, it still does. I am extremely fortunate I get to do what I love for a living, and going into this fight I knew I had a ton to prove, to myself.

Going into the fight the plan was to just get it to the ground and not stay in his guard. I used a body lock to take it to the ground and I didn’t want to be put in guard. I went into side mount, then north south, then side, then locked up the arm triangle and transitioned to mount then back to side mount and started walking my body in a circle like a clock. Wes didn’t tap and ended up passing out.

Funny story is that I actually heard Sims snoring in my ear for about 10 seconds. The thought “This is one of Sims antics to just make me let go” literally went though my head! I had seen Sims fight Mir and give a thumbs up and flip him off WHILE defending an arm triangle. I didn’t want to let go in case Sims was pretending to be passed out lol!

I am so thankful for my first victory of the show! I am incredibly blessed and I am lucky to have had the opportunity, and that things turned out the way that they did. I am fortunate, and am looking forward to the rest of the show!

Thanks to PROMMA.info, thanks to Rockwelltime.com and thanks to WorldFightShop.com.

Rashad is 5-0… WOOT WOOT!

By:  Justin “The Viking” Wren

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