Forrest had an important appointment to get to.
Forrest had an important appointment to get to.

Known as “the original Ultimate Fighter” Forrest Griffin will most likely always have a place in the UFC for as long as he desires.

Griffin was last inside the Octagon at UFC 101 against middleweight champ Anderson “The Spider” Silva who had had moved up to light heavyweight specifically for the fight. Silva ended up knocking Griffin out 3:23 into the first round making it his second loss in a row.

Many felt the loss was embarrassing, but obviously no one was more embarrassed than Griffin himself, who following the knockout, got back to his feet, sprinted from the cage and the arena, and did not turn up again in front of the media for weeks.

In a recent interview with AOL Fanhouse, Griffin talked to reporter Ariel Helwanni about that night and also explained why if you happen to meet him, you may not want to bring up the “running from the cage” incident:

“This guy actually asked me a good question the other day, and this is a real story and I really like it: first off, he was very confrontational; I didn’t like him much to begin with, and he goes, ‘Hey, man, I have to know,’ because it’s his business to know, ‘why did you run out of the cage that night after the Silva fight?’ And I said, ‘Look, man, I haven’t told anybody, let’s keep this on the down low, but the truth is your mom was waiting for me in the back to suck my dick, and you know how good of a blow job your mom gives, so I didn’t want to be late for that shit.’ And that’s pretty much the answer I give. I like that answer, so I’ll give that answer to everyone.”

Helwanni then asked Griffin if the guy was a fan or media member?

I don’t know. I bet he’s not a fan anymore, but I tell ya, I’m a fan of his mom’s blow jobs. That’s the important thing, and that’s what I want to come across in your story. If anybody asks me that question, that’s my answer.

Griffin has always been known publicly for his dry and self-deprecating humor, but we have not really seen this nastier side of the former champ before. It is one thing to be embarrassed about what happened and not want to talk about it, but it is totally another to outright attack a reporter or fan who is just asking for clarification.

What is your opinion? Did Forrest Griffin cross the line or is it funny?

Check out the entire interview and decide for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Forrest Griffin reveals the real reason he went for a jog”
  1. Wow! First off I think it’s funny because, well, that’s just the kind of sick bastard I am. Although I laughed at first, I honestly think he crossed the line, sort of. I guess it depends on who it was that asked him the question. He got worked and is embarassed, which he should be. Either way, it makes for good reading…..

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