Injuries Runners are More Susceptible To

If you log hundreds or even thousands of miles each year running, the repetitive impact tends to take a toll on muscles, joints, and connective tissues which means it’s no surprise that runners can develop a number of injuries. Of course, some are more common than others. Runners are especially susceptible to the following injuries … Read more

Thank you GoPro! Best running video ever

Running is ever so popular now. Charities have been utilizing 5k run/walks to raise money. Athletes are testing themselves with marathons, triathlons and these crazy 100 mile races. It is refreshing to see someone take the time out to record their journey of running so it can be documented for the world. Enjoy! [ads1]

Forrest Griffin reveals the real reason he went for a jog

Forrest had an important appointment to get to.
Forrest had an important appointment to get to.

Known as “the original Ultimate Fighter” Forrest Griffin will most likely always have a place in the UFC for as long as he desires.

Griffin was last inside the Octagon at UFC 101 against middleweight champ Anderson “The Spider” Silva who had had moved up to light heavyweight specifically for the fight. Silva ended up knocking Griffin out 3:23 into the first round making it his second loss in a row.

Many felt the loss was embarrassing, but obviously no one was more embarrassed than Griffin himself, who following the knockout, got back to his feet, sprinted from the cage and the arena, and did not turn up again in front of the media for weeks.

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