Roy Nelson kicked Kimbo to the curb.
Roy Nelson kicked Kimbo to the curb.

This past Wednesday the world saw “Big Country” Roy Nelson defeat Kimbo Slice in the highest rated Spike TV program of all time. Over five million viewers tuned in to see the big man take Kimbo down and totally incapacitate the legendary street fighter.

Whether you thought the fight was exciting or not is one thing, but Nelson did what he needed to do to take as little damage as possible, not get hurt, get the victory, and move one step closer to winning a six-figure contract with the UFC.

PROMMA.INFO took part in a conference call with Roy Nelson on Thursday to talk about his win over Kimbo, how he felt about his performance, and what the fight and the show will mean for his career. Listen to the audio of that call below:


2 thoughts on “Roy Nelson talks about his win over Kimbo Slice”
  1. That fight was garbage round boy had nothing standing up then just laid on kimbo’s arms and landed the weakest punches I have ever seen out of a grown man. Then he was proud about his trash win. God I hope he gets knocked out

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