Forrest Griffin reveals the real reason he went for a jog

Forrest had an important appointment to get to.
Forrest had an important appointment to get to.

Known as “the original Ultimate Fighter” Forrest Griffin will most likely always have a place in the UFC for as long as he desires.

Griffin was last inside the Octagon at UFC 101 against middleweight champ Anderson “The Spider” Silva who had had moved up to light heavyweight specifically for the fight. Silva ended up knocking Griffin out 3:23 into the first round making it his second loss in a row.

Many felt the loss was embarrassing, but obviously no one was more embarrassed than Griffin himself, who following the knockout, got back to his feet, sprinted from the cage and the arena, and did not turn up again in front of the media for weeks.

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B.J. Penn talks win over Florian and upcoming fight with Diego Sanchez

UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn looks back at his fight with Kenny Florian at UFC 101, and his forthcoming title defense against Diego Sanchez, which is expected to take place in November. Penn looked to be on top of his game against Florian and much of that could be due to bringing his training camp … Read more

Kenny Florian reflects on loss to Penn

On Aug. 8, 2009, Kenny Florian had the most important fight of his life at UFC 101 against “The Prodigy” B.J. Penn. It was a lightweight title fight that ended up going four rounds.

Penn kept it standing most of the fight despite Florian’s repeated attempts to take him down. Florian also could not seem to find his rhythm with his striking. In the fourth round, Penn got his own takedown, mounted Florian, and ended up choking the number one contender until he tapped.

Two days after his biggest fight, and undoubtedly his biggest loss, Pro MMA Radio spoke to Kenny Florian about the tough defeat, what went wrong, what he learned from the fight, where he goes from here, and more.

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Four UFC 101 fighters sent to the chopping block: McCrory, Leites, Roop, Cramer (updated)

Dan Cramer, Thales Leites, George Roop, & Tamdan McCrory were all cut after UFC 101.

Running the top MMA promotion in the world is not an easy task. It often means clearing out the fighters who can not carry their weight, to make room for fresh talent, and give someone else the opportunity to prove to the world they belong among the sport’s elite athletes.

Maybe UFC 101’s pay-per-view numbers were terrible, maybe it is just a coincidence, or maybe Dana White was having a bad week, but four fighters have been cut from the UFC roster following their performances at at the Aug. 8 event. Tamdan McCrory, Thales Leites, George Roop, and Dan Cramer have all been put on the chopping block.

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Run Forrest Run!

After Forrest Griffin’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of Anderson Silva at UFC 101, Griffin exited the cage and ran out of the arena. At the post-fight presser, when UFC President Dana White was asked where Griffin was, he replied, “I don’t know where Forrest is. He could be in Georgia by now.” I’m still not sure if they’ve found Forrest.

(For full effect play the music after the jump…)

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UFC 101 Q & A session with Dana White

Here is the UFC 101 Q & A from Philadelphia, Pa. featuring the man Dana White himself fielding questions from the fans. There’s some good stuff in here including Dana’s view on bringing in women’s MMA, Brock Lesnar, and more. You also get to see the guy who asks to sit next to the ring girls and an attorney who gives Dana his resume to get a job with Zuffa. Also, Dana said they signed about 17 guys from Affliction.
Part 1

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