Carson’s Corner host, Bob Carson, recently interviewed ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’, Ken Shamrock, and asked him some tough questions. Carson did not pull a single punch as he went toe-to-toe with the legend on a number of issues, in particular the allegation that his most recent victory over Ross Clifton was a “work”.

Carson said that someone who knows Ken Shamrock and is from his area had informed him prior to Ken’s last bout the fight was going to be a “work”. This is VERY interesting since that is the EXACT impression many people had upon witnessing Shamrock’s first win in five years on Feb. 13th when he “defeated” the 360-pound Ross Clifton at WAR GODS, which incidentally is a promotion owned by Ken Shamrock himself.

Carson asked Ken point blank what he had to say to people who called this fight a “work”. Ken Shamrock replied,

Yeah it’s a shame because anyone who is saying that just needs to watch, really watch the video. I mean if you can work a punch like that then I must be a genius. I landed the punch solid, he went down and when he’s on the ground, you don’t have to work fights to armbar this guy. He ain’t going anywhere. So for someone to say that with this kind of a fight is absolutely ridiculous. They are just trying to hurt my credibility, hurt the promotion, and that’s just the bottom line. That’s all it has to do with is hurting the credibility and hurting the promotion and has nothing to do with reality.

For those who have not yet seen it, here is the video of Ken’s fight with Ross Clifton at War Gods on Feb. 13, 2009.

Ken Shamrock also addresses the issue of people saying he should hang up the gloves and stop fighting. He makes it very clear that fighting is something he loves to do and if he wants to continue to make a living in the cage then he has every right. He does not want to sit on the couch, get fat, and collect welfare. Obviously, like most people, Ken still has to pay the bills. Finally, Ken sums up his feelings about the matter, “If those people don’t want to see me fight, then don’t watch.”

Ken Shamrock is a legend, no doubt about it, but how does he stack up against today’s competition? He realizes he will not be competing for a UFC Championship Belt and those days are done but Ken says, “I still have the ability to beat about 75% of them fighters out there.”

Ken goes on to talk about his thoughts on the UFC and Dana White, his brother Frank, his days with Pancrase, and much more. You can listen to Bob Carson’s entire interview with Ken Shamrock as well as all of the Carson’s Corner archives at

By:  Jack Bratcher

2 thoughts on “Ken Shamrock responds to “work” allegations”
  1. Good interview. Thanks for the link. I’m glad somebody manned up and finally asked Ken about that Petey my heart thing from the Fujita fight way back when.

  2. Of course Ken is going to deny it, it was his fight under his promotion! And for him to say, with a straight face, that he can beat 75% of the guys out there is just laughable. The win against the amazing blob was the first in how long? He isnt anywhere near the top 100 in HW or LHW in anyones book besides his own. Glad someone else saw it as a work, because I did, as well as the Tank Abbott fight.

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